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Ah... to be young again. Mikhail wanted to shed a few *cough* years along with wrinkles.

"You dialed wrong."

Mikhail was upset. Once wrinkled he now had a zit about to burst and a voice that kept breaking between bird-chirp and timpani.

He was distraught. Robin looked the same as ever. 22 and va-va-voom. He looked down where something ought to be rising. No va no voom. Robin just laughed.

"You should get ready. Off to school now."

Mikhail remembered his father's voice. Robin was...


His father had died a couple years before Robin was born. That possibility ... made him shudder.

"You're not my daddy."

"Oh, but I want to be. As soon as you grow up, that is."

Mikhail felt his eyes water as Robin put his arms around him.

"It's okay Micky. I can wait. Or you could just redial and try again."

Robin's warmth made something stir. There was hope.

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