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Every good thing in HIStory finds its foundation in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
O, “He arose!” The birds now sing.
That He's a rose the garden shows.
O, “He arose!” The bells now ring.
Sweet. He’s a rose the image grows.

No grave could keep the Son of God.
The Earth explodes to bring Him forth.
My hopeful heart will full applaud
to show the Christ of lasting worth.

The ground is level at the cross.
All humans have no statured grace.
Salvation’s Hope removes all loss.
For in the Lord we now have place.

The sun now shines more bright than day.
Salvation’s Light illumines hearts.
He is alive. We need obey
Receiving Hope, redemption starts.

We daren’t refuse to trust the Lord. It is not good for our own lives.
Arise” was promised in His Word. In joyful Hope believers thrive.
The weakness of our faith is sad, but not at all the final loss.
We serve Him with each heart, that’s glad. Our life is service at His Cost.

Word count: 159
Line count: 20
Prompt #1:
"Prompt #1: Easter -
Free write about Easter

by Jay O’Toole
on April 26th, 2022

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