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by Sum1
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Life was different 'Before'
Before The Pandemic

Before the Pandemic, traveling was fun,
Went many places, it seemed we were never done.
Rushed to our destinations in such a flurry,
We shared our space with others without worry.

Before the pandemic, we gathered in groups to meet,
We would shake hands and hug as friends we did greet!
We shared plates and meals, dined in restaurants,
It seemed there was little we did not want.

Before the Pandemic, there was less worry about germs,
Did not care what the W.H.O thought, they were just a firm.
Never worried that we’d get sick, never wore masks,
Went wherever we chose, doing numerous tasks.

Then came the Pandemic, everything went out of whack,
Many businesses closed, for customers they did lack.
Most of us remained home, some working, some not,
The world turned upside down, most everyone lost a lot.

During the Pandemic many struggled to survive,
There were many deaths but the human race still thrived.
We rarely went out, when we did, masks were worn,
All because of a Virus that was airborne.

Now we have adjusted to living life with the Pandemic
The first thought was this had to be an epidemic,
Epidemic, Pandemic, it won’t be long before we’re gone
The human race is not so great, the Earth will just move on.

Jim Dorrell

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