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What joy is to me
Joy is like everything is going right everything can be going wrong and I am still alright,
Joy is like ice cream sundae days with the extra cherry on top.
Joy is like God I know you got me no matter what.
I don’t have to do this dance of hurt,pain and unassurance because you got me ,you feel me.
You fill me with your ,love joy and peace you got me
Joy is like when all the levee’s break in me I am still safe
Still cared for still going to be alright , I am still going to be okay
Happy is just a fleeting moment when everything is going my way
I want it but I don’t need it can’t hang on to it happy
No I want Joy Gods joy that is the only thing that will do
I need it to keep me,help me
The strength of joy is peace
A peace that surpasses all understanding my understanding which is minimal and also fleeting
I need God’s joy to keep me.secure me in the storm’s of life
God’s joy in the pain of life
God’s joy to keep me firmly planted and grounded to this earth
I don’t want the big head however with his joy within I will worry not about that
Happy is when I know I am right
However joy will keep me when I am wrong or right
Happy has everything to do with me
Joy true joy has everything to do with him.
So I choose joy not knocking happy however I need Joy it has more staying power you see
I also need the one who gives this joy
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