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A single Mother and her son vacation by the sea.
Relax By The Sea

What was I to do, muddy prints were everywhere!
It happened while I was finding something to wear.
In that short time, mud was tracked inside
I asked who had done this, every one of them lied.

Well, I have to confess, they didn’t exactly lie,
But not one would look me in the eye.
I looked in the yard; and had to stifle a scream,
The flowers in my garden lay flat, lit by a lone sunbeam.

Someone, that ‘CULPRIT’, had trampled them for fun
When I find out who it was, they had better cut and run
There would be no more laughter, nor time to play outside
Once I found them, I’d surely tan their hide

Then Jimmy came in and asked what was the matter?
He asked it with a smile, while holding back his laughter.
“What’s the matter? I’ll show you, my child!”
He didn’t flinch one bit, just sat back and smiled.

It’s not easy being single, raising a son all alone,
Having a dog around the house, often made me groan.
Pumpkin had tracked in mud, wet paw tracks on the floor,
Jimmy and his dog, had been in the water down at the shore.

We were on vacation, our first time alone,
We’d come to the ocean, not too far from home.
I’d planned on having a garden, just to keep me busy,
So far, all I’d done, was have a little tizzy.

I sighed, looked around, and realized all was good,
Nothing we couldn’t replace, including my bad mood.
I sat back and smiled, Jimmy grinned at me,
Knew this was what we needed, to relax by the sea.

Jim Dorrell

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