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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2274554
Clothes come to life and boy oh boy the stories they tell
My clothes can talk I know they can although they never have talked to me
This is how I came to know they can talk
I dropped my favorite old shirt off in a give away clothes bin.
Hope that the shirt would find a knew fiend I put it in with a skirt
See they had been my friend and I had worn them a lot
On my first date, to my first church play and to meet my soon to be in-laws
Me and that top and skirt had been through a lot
My friend dropped off her best blue dress-she had worn to her prom
I dropped back by late one night real late with a few other things
What I saw we unbelievable to mine eyes
The clothes were up and about why they had come to life
They were up dancing and singing as if glad to be free
I leaned in so I could hear
My skirt and top were saying we’re sure glad to be rid of her fat butt
The blue prom dress was saying hopefully I will never have to take another twirl
Why they seemed so ungrateful and mean
However they were just really tired you see,however saying I was fat was crossing the line
A pair of socks sit sober and crying saying she would never dance again
Her little girl was a ballerina and she missed her dearly
Next there was a pair of dancing tights that was dancing with such delight
Dry your tears you need no owner to dance just dance because you were made to
Dance because you love it just dance my friends
Suddenly there was a bright light and the wall behind them opened up
There was a land filled with lots and lots of clothes of every kind
This must be where all the old clothes go that don’t go to good homes
Each pieces of clothing quickly retreated to this clothing paradise
They were gone in a blink of an eye
Wow my clothes can talk is all I thought
Wow I will never see my clothes again was my second thought
Well long as they are happy that’s what matters most I guess
The last thought was I am not fat
Next time I buy clothes I will try and buy clothes that aren’t so judgmental
Do your clothes talk about you and if so what are they saying I wonder?
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