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Quote inspired short story for Ultimate Trinket Adventure
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney

I talk a lot. I rarely get very far on anything. I don't plan. I just don't do much of anything. My thing is telling not showing. To show you have to have done, right? I just haven't found anything that has inspired me to, do, anything. My people call me lazy. I think that is rank prejudice! I would do stuff, if it were more important. The only thing of any real importance is, well, Me.

They call me a lazy loner. I accept that, except that I spend time with my people. When they come and sit beside me on the couch, or chair or bed. Really wherever I happen to have laid myself out for that nap in the sun. I actually like their attention sometimes. A casual rub of the tummy fur, a pat on the head, a pinch of nip here or there that is all I really need. Why in all that is holy beneath the divine feline sun should I DO anything.

Then they turn on that magical glowing box of theirs. It shows pictures. It makes sounds. It is horrible. The artificial glow hardly puts me in my best light. They sit up half the night staring at it, laughing at it, making a scene about the silly pictures and sounds. It is ridiculous. As if any story could be told without engaging the sense of smell.

Speaking of smell, there is a new one in the kitchen that bothers me. It comes with a coarse little squeak and blurs of awful matted fur. I must do something now. This intruder MUST go. I think I shall spend the night in wait. Come morning I would present my people with a gift. I expect it to be skinned, gutted and placed on a spit for our dinner.

"What in the hell! Douglas, the cat just dropped a dead, wait live mouse on my face!"

"What! Awe, it's a cute little thing. Not the usual all-gray wild mouse. This must have been someone's pet. Let's name him Mickey!"

I repeat, angrily I will never DO anything again. Mickey has a lovely little house of his own on the counter, right where the best patch of sun hits mid-afternoon. Maybe it is time to DO something to their slippers?

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