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Verdandi the Norn comes to my party
Uncovering the Bones

I like living in and conjuring non-ordinary reality. That's why lately, I've been confabulating. But sit down and listen anyway.

It was the stale, burnt end of a party and I'd had too much tequila. All the guests had left, but her. She said she was a friend of a friend and her name was Verdandi. "I am a Norn," she said, "and I wish I had my yarn and needles with me."

I am a good hostess but all I could offer her was some violet roving wool I had found by chance at the dollar store. I offered her tequila or wine but all she asked for was some cool water in a jar.

I Googled Norn as she worked the wool. She stretched, twisted, braided the yarn as it enlarged and became thicker and fluffier. She wrapped the wool onto her forearms and began knitting using forearms and fingers.

I asked Alexa to play Phillip Glass and Verdandi and I sat listening to the music as her hands continued their magickal work. When done, she sighed deeply and presented me with a fuzzy, amethyst blanket.

"What do I owe you?," I sheepishly asked. She snorted and said, "It's not all about money. It's a gift, a reminder to be present, to become like ancient bones I want you to seek roots, hug monsters, share silence, and embrace the weird. The blanket will help." She got up from her chair, offered a farewell kiss on my forehead and walked out into the night.

I am still working on uncovering the bones.
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