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How the story "Yellow" came to be written. Honorable Mention, Whatever Contest, July 2022.
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Also Yellow

I was quite attracted by the idea of writing something about “yellow.” There are so many ways to take such a prompt, seemingly an endless supply of stories stemming from so simple yet sumptuous a word.

At first, I realised it was an excellent opportunity to write another Amilcar story. The poor little fellow has been falling behind the troll stories and he needs a story or two to stay in the race. There was his robe, for instance, usually described as orange but often seen as yellow. I could write about Amilcar’s thoughts on the matter, whether it was yellow or orange or didn’t matter at all. It seemed a hopeful place to start.

And then, in the middle of last night, I awoke with this sentence running though my mind: “Yellow is such a happy colour.” As the story began to unfold in my head, I knew I would have to get up and go to the computer to write it down before it was lost.

I knew immediately where the sentence had come from. Years ago, more than thirty, in fact, there was a delightful couple in the church I was attending. I can’t remember their names but a moment’s thought has delivered Sam and Pam as being suitable to the subject.

Sam and Pam were the perfect couple, so young, so bright and energetic, so beautiful in their innocence and openness. They complemented each other magnificently and were rarely seen apart. He was studying to become an engineer, smart and well dressed, she was a hairdresser and a stylish dresser. Their marriage became a church event with everyone delighted for both of them and we all wished them the very best in their lives together.

I was invited to their house when it had been completed and was ready for their occupation. It was a revelation. Each room was painted in a different primary colour with furniture and decorations to match. I’ve seen less tasteful photos in the pages of House & Garden. Pam had designed a tour de force of her love of bright and vibrant colours, and Sam had carried out her every wish in the decorating of the house.

During my inspection of the place, I became aware that the dominant colour chosen was always yellow. “It’s so yellow,” I mentioned.

“Yes,” said Pam. “Yellow is such a happy colour, don’t you think?”

I had never thought of colours having emotions but knew immediately that she was right.

“Yes,” I replied, “the happiest of them all, in fact.”

This vivid memory, recalled suddenly from the mists of the past, insisted upon being the basis for my story about the colour yellow. I wanted to write something that had the purity, the innocence and insight of Pam in that moment when she uttered the sentence that forms the crux of my story. The whole thing would be a paean of praise for the perfection that the couple were in that moment.

It may seem a bit strange that I chose to make them secret agents in the story. This suggested itself very early on and, in thinking about it, I realised there was a certain irony in the fact, something that rang eternally true in my mind. On first reading, it may seem that Pam stood out in that dismal scene in a way that shouted so loud, both parties were endangered. And then I thought, “Yet, isn’t that exactly the last thing any spy hunter would be looking for? Surely all suspicion would be instantly disarmed by such obvious innocence and simple love of life. It may well be that Langley trains its agents in ways that are well beyond our expectations, allaying suspicion in devices so devious, they just couldn’t be penetrated."

And it satisfies me that the old hand, Harry (or Sam, if you like), should display his own innocence in his simple and immediate falling for her. He’s an obvious romantic and, in my book, they’re the perfect match!

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Yellow  (13+)
Harry is given a new partner. HM, Whatever Contest, July.
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Prompt: Write something with the color yellow as a dominant theme, topic, or idea in honor of the July 21, 2022 promotions to Preferred Author.
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