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Does philosophy take over your writings...?
The bond between the land and sea, will always be a mystery
As I travel this hard edged life, and take on what is mean't for me
I realise love and soulful power is all we ever need.

In the darkest hours of night, I write this poem to release my plight
Fellow writers here and there, rejoice in heaven on Earth that's right
In the mornings, when the Sun does rise, walk with me into heavens surprise.

Your life is tied down yet we feel so free, we belong to the kingdom of God you see?
If you're like me, seeing the world as a game, writing is freedom and our special gain
The next time you write a story or poem, remember the love that you feel from the pen.

Dream with me on this summers night, in Gods power we shall all take flight
I see a world of purity, my God is the love as He guides us to sanity
Dream with me as we take Gods love, share it with writers, here and above.

Our lives may be hard and we all carry on, in the darkest of days we'll sing along
I have loved and I have lost but shine in the meaning of the holy ghost
Breathe with me and please a stranger, this is Gods way as he leads us higher.

I finish this writing the best I can, I hope the lines pleased you and you'll become my fan
I will be here, writing deep and true, you may not know it but I'm here for you
Sleep well my people and dream what you can, remember that God is the best of man.
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