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A weekly visit to Sunnydale Manor to cheer her mother.
Veronica was a vivacious red head with enough vim to revive the oldest of geriatrics at the Sunnydale Manor. She'd pull her vibrant yellow Volvo into the parking lot. Dressed in a vivid shade of Turquoise she would waltz in with fresh flowers and a merry smile.

The nurses were always glad to see her and were eager to heVeronicar latest conquests. Veroncia was a savvy overachiever who could buy and sell real estate better than most.

Every Sunday she would arrive, flowers in hand and make her way to the 'salon'. Her mother would be waiting looking very dour until her daughter arrived.

"Mrs. Vassir is the straight woman to Veronica's humour. I kind of female Abbot and Costello."

"Well, that's stretching it, but I can see where you're going with it."

When they entered the salon, Veronica could be seen in the midst of a group of residents. Each were laughing and carrying on as if they were half their ages.

After her visit she would call out, "Gotta run. See you next week."

As she passed the nurses, she would smile and wave.

"Of all the pills and medicine we dish out, I swear, that woman lights up the place in a way that makes things all right."

"Laughter is the best medicine."

"Too true."

Word Count = 220.


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