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For The Writer's Cramp.
I’m generally terrified of social interaction, especially as someone who wishes to be a writer, among people who may have actually read my writing. I tend to hide in my stories. (Hence my extremely rare blog entries.)

But if there were a virtual event this month and if I were to attend, here are some things that I think may happen:

Schnujo would be fantastic at helping everyone to make sure they knew how to access the virtual meet-up. She’s so fantastic at helping people navigate the regular site and is very good at making people feel welcome.

Likely there would be a line of people waiting to give Lilli ☕️ 🧿 a virtual coffee for her troubles. Perhaps she’d have a virtual booth with a jar of questions for everyone to have a chance to pull at random.

Perhaps I’d ask Bob'n Around to compare and contrast his Native flute playing with my own Irish pennywhistle.

I might ask WakeUpAndLive️~ what it’s like living in the Netherlands and whether it’s true that most people there travel on bikes rather than in cars?

I’d try to talk to ♥HOOves♥ about what it is about “A Moveable Feast” that moves her so much? I love it as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve read it. And I would share that “A Farewell to Arms” destroyed me in all the best possible ways. I needed two weeks to recover from emotional damages after reading that book. I loved it.

There would be a lot of connections made between everyone who attended, I’m sure. We are all drawn here by a shared deep feeling for reading and writing. What great things to have in common!

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