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Mistaken Writers’ Cramp

Mistaken Writers’ Cramp

The Carnival came to town
One fine afternoon
Sam Adams was 12 years old
And was overjoyed
To be able to see the show.

He had fantasies
Of running away
To join the circus.

The show turned out to be
A total disaster
When the lion escaped
And went on a killing spree.

Sam Adams lost his father
To a lion attack that day
Vowed to never go again
Never again.

Only one entry today. Where is everybody?


Use the following word in your title: Mistaken
Use the following word in your first line: carnival
Use the following word in the body of your story or poem: disaster
Use the following phrase in your last line: never again

Due September 30th, 2022 before noon, WdC time. === ( Deadline: 17 hours 33 minutes 54 seconds )
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