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Ideas for us?
Couldn’t a car not just have the ability to be able to be used in only one way? The electric cars batteries are dangerous, need to be recharged, etc. Why not make all vehicles solar powered, powered by wind, run on wild weeds from wild fields and meadows for fuel instead, or like the popular pedal powered toy cars children used with their feet to pedal with that was common in the 90’s? Just some ideas I had.

Motorcycles and all other vehicles could use this same ideas and apply this to them too...

As far as ideas for going green. No longer use plastic or paper bags, in all stores that use them. Enforce this as a law in every state. Replace all bags with cloth bags. The cloth bags can be washed and reused. As far as plastic bags being used to store food or sandwiches with in schools and at a work place. Just use reusable plastic containers that can be used over and over again and be washed in the dishwasher.

These are ideas I had. The people that produce the plastic bags can create and sell cloth bags instead. How much plastic and waste could be eliminated on our world if we ALL chose to do this? Imagine that.
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