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by Sumojo
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Alone in the house and afraid. 200 words.
Words 200

I knew something was wrong when I heard the sound of glass breaking. Turning off the television, I sat perfectly still, listening for signs someone was attempting to enter the house.
The dog, who had been dreaming of catching rabbits, her legs running in her sleep, now sat alert in her basket. Ears upright, head cocked, she also listened intently.
My heart hammered, the sound pulsed in my ears. I wondered if it was someone, knowing I was alone tonight, taking the opportunity to break in.
Before I could even think of my next move the lights went out.
Frozen with fear I was unable to formulate any sort of plan. In the complete darkness something cold touched my hand. I gave an involuntary scream, before I realised it was the dog’s nose nudging me into some kind of action.
On shaking legs I stood, and arms outstretched walked over to the window and peered out. All the neighbours lights were out too. A neighbourhood power outage. So, it wasn’t just my house.
My mobile phone was in my pocket and by its light, walked into the kitchen and saw the broken window. Also a dead bird.

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