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A poem about finally releasing the pain from the person who physically hurt you.
It is time you start to listen
Cause I have a lot to say
Got to get it out and off my chest
To keep me from going insane

You lied about the man you were
The love we had was fake
It was filled with lust
But it was more than I could take

I am not your trophy wife
So why try to put me on display
I am not your money train
So why try to make me pay

You grew sad because I was independent
And I was not able to be owned
You grew angry because I could not be controlled
And the arguing was getting old

You treated me like a step-ford wife
Someone just there for views
But when you saw I was strong
You had a pity party and blew your fuse

The battle was upon us
Words flew like swords
Then you did the worst thing possible
You slammed me into the door

I fought your grip and pushed you away
You just kept coming at me
Acting like you were the master
But I was not your slave

You raised your hand like your were hitting
And I told you go ahead
I did not think this through
Because now there was blood in my hands

Busted lip and my shirt staining red
I have had enough you sucker
This is the last straw
You will never pin me again to this wall

I gathered all my strength and let my anger go
I did not get violent but instead made your clothes soar
They floated from the balcony
And landed on the ground

That was the end of the relationship
You never really stood a chance
See I knew my worth at the beginning
Sorry you get no second chances
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