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by Naomi
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An Acrostic Poetry
T oday and for all the days to come

H e is the good boy Luis , a grandson

E very moment with him is awesome.

G OD gave you to us on July 04, 2011

O n that day angels were singing in

O ver the birth of a boy so very nice

D ear GOD, thank You , Luis is also
very wise.

B eyond forever our joyful hearts sing

O nly child to our daughter the angels

Y ou are our inspiration , a great

L U I S is your baptismal name after
a dear grand father

U sing his precious name for all of us
to remember

I. t was him who came from Spain and
lived here

S. o his name be always kept forever.

At age 2 , he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum.
The good boy Luis is now 11 years old. He is non- verbal and communicates in gestures. He loves to watch all foreign TV channels like French, Indonesian, German and many more and every channel he programs it into his cellphone so at the same time he watches in TV and his phone. Nobody taught him how to do it. He loves Netflex and many other movie shows. When our Philippines National Anthem is being played he also sings with deep feelings, no words yet he got the tune and he can sing the highest notes.
At age 11 he stands 5feet and eleven inches and loves to watch NBA games and golf and football.
He can write and can read. When we ask him he replies thru typing the words in his phone.
Before the COVID 19 he was attending a therapy school for 7 years thus there was a lot of improvements.During Covid time the school was closed and we all went home here in the province.
Hopefully by next year he will resume his classes again or we can arrange it here in the province as soon as the Covid 19 will be totally gone and everything be back to normal.
The good boy Luis is one of the reasons why I pray to The Most High to let me live more years so I can attend to his daily needs.
We give him all our LOVE.
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