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Never give up!
“You know what really annoys me?” Mel said out loud as she typed aggressively on the keyboard.
“No. What?” Kyle said, as he plopped himself on the bed.
He watched his sister for a moment as she sighed with annoyance, punched a few more keys and then cried out in anger. She tapped her left foot, contemplating on something as she stared at the computer screen.
“I don’t even see the point anymore!” Mel said.
“Don’t be so dramatic, sis. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
“Dramatic?!” Mel said exasperated as she turned to her brother.
“I’ve tried so hard. And every time I am reminded that I am just no good!”
Kyle finally understood what she was talking about. Every week she would enter a writing contest and every week she would lose. It was taking a toll on her confidence.
“The worst part is that they don’t even tell you what you did wrong! I want to know, so I can get better at my writing.”
“Sis, the best thing to do is that you don’t give up!” Kyle said with encouragement.
“What is the point?”
“To continue. Every writer has their days. One day you will get yours. In the meanwhile, just keep on writing!”
Mel sighed. She knew he was right. “Okay, okay. Here we go!” She said as she submitted her story. She felt Kyle’s hand on her shoulder, his warmth seemed to engulf her with hope.
“Thanks, bro. I needed that!”
Later, that night, Mel searched her emails to see if she had won the contest. There it was. Had she won? With a shaking hand she hovered the mouse over the email, sighed, and opened it. She read a few lines and then smiled. Today was her day.

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