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A girl finds love. Will it last? Will it break her? What will happen?
A/N: I skipped episode seven: Haunted. It has no relation to Alina's story. What happened was Vicki attacks Tyler and Stefan and Damon save him, compelling him to forget what happened. Caroline ended up with the Crystal and gave it to Bonnie, telling her she doesn't care what Bonnie does with it. Vicki runs away from Damon and Stefan when they are teaching her the vampire abilities she now has. She runs to her home and talks Matt into bringing her to the Halloween party at the school. She texts Jeremy and tells him she's going. They go to the party and Elena and Stefan run into Matt, and Matt says that Vicki is there and she's dressed as a vampire. Stefan and Elena start searching for Jeremy as they know he's with Vicki. Vicki and Jeremy are making out and she bites his lip and drinks the blood off his lip. She then bites him and he screams, making Elena run out to him. Vicki begins to fight Elena and bites into her and grabs a wooden plank and smacks her in the back with it, sending her flying. Stefan gets out there and stakes Vicki, Jeremy crying out as he does it. Damon is called in to take care of the body and Elena smacks him. Elena has Damon compel Jeremy to forget about vampires and to let Vicki go, making him think she ran away. Zach died at the hands of Damon. A/N Over

Alina and Damon come up with a plan to turn someone to get the council off the track of vampires. They plan everything to happen on the night of Stefan's birthday. Alina is at the Boarding House when another essence is sensed. She hears Stefan calling out something and hears a vampire hiss. She speeds down to Stefan and sees him hugging the blonde vampire. "Who is this, Stefan?" The blonde vampire looks up and says, "My name is Lexie. I'm Stefan's best friend. Who are you?" Alina smiles and says, "I'm Alina, an acquaintance of Damon. I'm not anything like him though." Alina and Lexie laugh. "Well, that's good. Damon is a horrible influence."

Later that morning, as Lexie came at one in the morning, Lexie was resting and Alina was sitting in the room near her. Damon walks in and jumps on the bed next to Lexie. Lexie wakes up and groans. She says something about him being mean and he responds with something about not being that mean. Lexie chuckles and says, "Have you met you?" Alina looks up and laughs loudly.

Lexie suddenly grabs Damon by the throat and threatens him to not ruin Stefan's birthday. Lexie releases his throat and Damon swiftly exits the room. Alina looks at Lexie and gives her a daylight ring and Lexie stares at it, then stares at her and gives her a grizzly bear hug. "Thank you!" Alina says you're welcome and offers a girl's day. Go to the spa, get our nails done, and get our hair done. Lexie agrees and they make their way to Alina's car.

At the spa, Lexie compels the workers that the most expensive pack was paid for and asked if there was vervain in anything. They answered no. They finished at the spa and went to get their nails done. Alina got these nails:

Alina got these nails:
Lexie got these nails:

After they got their nails done, they went to the hairstylist. Alina got french braids put into buns on the back of her head, and Lexie got a lace braid. Alina and Lexie had so much fun, and they laughed the whole time at funny stories of Stefan.

It was about 2:30 pm when they were totally finished and they headed back to the Salvatore Boarding house. Stefan and Damon were talking about Caroline throwing a party at The Grill, and Stefan was hesitant about going. Lexie and Alina convinced him since it was his birthday, but no one else would know it was his birthday except for Alina, Lexie, Damon, and Elena. Lexie and Stefan started talking about a Bon Jovi concert they went to and Alina zoned out.

Alina went home when she noticed Caroline at her apartment. "Caroline, what's up?" Alina asks. Caroline smiles brightly and asks if she's going to the party she's throwing. Alina nods and Caroline excitedly rambles about getting ready together and Caroline doing Alina's makeup. She rambles so fast it's almost inaudible, but due to Alina's enhanced hearing, she can hear what she's saying clearly.

Caroline and Alina enter Alina's apartment. She and Caroline go through Alina's closet to find the perfect outfit and they find a short, dark blue to lighter blue ombre dress. Caroline told Alina it was the one to wear tonight. Then, Alina drove them to Caroline's house and Caroline picked an outfit for her to wear. She found a short, light pink, two-piece dress.

Caroline demanded that she sit down in the chair in front of the vanity mirror. Caroline got out a huge makeup container. Alina couldn't contain the surprised look on her face. Caroline laughed at her expression and pulled out a set of brushes. Caroline starts on Alina's makeup, doing foundation and concealer. Then she goes in with bronzer, afterward doing eye shadow and eyeliner. She puts blush and highlighter on her, and then mascara.

After Alina was done, Caroline sat down and did her own makeup. She did the same process as she did with Alina. Caroline and Alina were now ready to go to the party. Alina drove them and when they arrived, the party was just getting started. Damon, Stefan, and Lexie were there, along with a whole bunch of Caroline's high school peers.

Alina and Damon started getting drinks at the bar and planned out the vampire attack. They turned the prisoner a few minutes ago and they just had to wait for him to finish the transition and feed on the local. Alina had notified a deputy about a vampire attack.

As soon as Liz got there, she had the local who was fed on pointed out the vampire. She pointed to the man Damon turned and Liz quickly stuck him with a syringe full of vervain. The deputy dragged the vampire outside and quickly staked him. Liz and her deputies were outside when Alina was carrying Caroline out because she was drunk. Liz asks, "Are you drunk?" Caroline replies, "As a skunk," and giggles.

Alina takes her home and puts her to bed, tucking her in. "Alina, why am I not good enough?" Alina pretends to think for a second. "Caroline, you are good enough. Perfect enough. You are perfect just the way you are. Don't ever let anyone tell you or make you think otherwise." Alina turns and leaves. As she walks to her car, she's hit with a flashback.

---------------------------------------------TW: ABUSE------------------------------------------------------------

Alina is six years old. Her dad is yelling. "You no good piece of shit! You're not worth anything! You killed your mother, and hurt your brother bad enough that he had to leave. You can't do anything right!" Alina cries and tries saying through tears, "It wasn't my fault I was born this way. Please, dad!" Her dad kicked her ribs and shouted, "You're not my daughter!"

---------------------------------------------TW Over-----------------------------------------------------------------

Alina flinches at the flashback and has a quick panic attack. After her panic attack, she gets in her car and drives home. Once she gets home, she slips out of her clothes and into sleepwear. She then gets into bed and reads for a while before turning out the light and trying to sleep.
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