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Yearly introspection for 2566 aka 2023 aka 179-180.
Dear Me... don't kick the bucket down the road... just saying.

Bucket lists. Old people like me are supposed to have bucket lists: 1. a bucket that doesn't leak to mop the floor. 2. Sea #1. 3. Sea #1. 4. Sea #1. 5. Sea #1.

I prefer land to sea and see-shore .

At this stage of Life, possibly my last, I want to complete my METAMORPHOSIS rather than just make checklists of things I didn't do, places I didn't visit, regrets I don't want to wallow in, and a Past I cannot change.

Plus, no need to make long range plans. Short range works well with my impending deafness and near-sightedness.

So dear 2566 a.k.a. 2023 a.k.a. 179-180 B.E. may my needs be provided for (wants are nice but optional).

I do want to enjoy living here in Thailand. Language, culture, a new experience. This is my 4th country. Costa Rica was #2 (1974 & 2012), Canada #3 (1981). This is not a tourist vacation, a relaxing vacation (that was England 2011) nor a series of travel experiences (2009-2022) that included over 40 countries.

I do want to write, but not at a hectic pace. My best writing years are past; but, I'm not Dead yet. So... I hope to thrill, inspire or just plain annoy friends and strangers (as always, the stranger the better).

I do want to reconsider my health and guard my meager wealth. New teeth are an option (about $2,000) while walking, being more active, eating less sugar and salt (the two main "spices" of the US of America). It's cheaper here and for $20,000 in the bank I can get a renewable year-long visa. Will I?

I do want to make new connections and maintain old ones (through facebook and postcards). Older people die off. In a college town like Missoula younger people move away and now they are middle-aged and 'busy'. I've been feeling very isolated for 3 years now. Middle-aged folks now seem young!

A Thai does not exist in the singular. I have a roommate/friend/boyfriend. Regardless of label, he hugs me, cuddles, feeds me. Now... will he be willing to change my diapers! *Shock* Until then, it's nice to share a place. I don't feel lonely.

There are no grand goals and no need for need-to-achieve objectives. That's for other folks. I intend to smell the flowers while I shuffle along the paths that Life has led me to. Let there be "miles and miles of naught".

And if there be a bucket at the end of the road? So be it.


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