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“You are in danger,” Layla, the maidservant, whispered in Esa’s ear at a sound level only Esa could pick up as she pulled the underdress over Esa’s head. The maid looked at the two others assisting Esa in dressing. They did their parts with no comment or conversation.

Esa wondered what danger she could be in. She was under the emperor’s protection, and Lady Omla’s in reality all of the briaunti nobility seemed enamored of her. Beyond that nominal protection, Esa now knew she had psychokinetic powers stronger than any that had been seen since the colony’s foundation.

Layla helped pull the skirt over Esa’s head. She leaned in close as she tied it securely behind her, and again whispered nearly in audibly, “Someone is going to attempt to poison you. Tonight at the feast.”

Esa gasped in part from the force Layla used to tie on the skirt. Another maid handed her the blouse and Esa pulled it over her head. What came next was worse than death, the corset. Things had been so much simpler before she had metamorphosed into a briaunti. Things were so much simpler for humans, no dressing for dinner, no dynastic machinations, and certainly no poorly veiled assassinations.

With the corset securely tied around her chest Esa took as deep a breath as she could before the trio of maids left. “One minute Layla. I want to discuss what I want you to lay out for me to wear to bed.”

The two silent maids scurried off. Layla hesitantly remained. “Where did you come by this information?”

“Whispers in the servant quarters.”

Esa had counted on the kinship with the humans for her safety and comfort. But now who did she ask for help?

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