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Marie loves the silence of her simple library.
Marie smiled peacefully at the calm silence of her library until it was interrupted by thumping. She glanced around, trying to locate the source of annoyance. She spotted a young man studying with his headphones on. She scowled as she quickly walked over.

Marie gently tapped the man's shoulder with a customer pleasing smile. The man turned around and removed one side. “Hi?”

“Why, hello.” Her tone was low, “What are you listening to?”

His face lit up as he spoke, “I’m listening to one of my favorite rock bands.”

Her eye twitched slightly. “Ah, right… Well, may I kindly ask for a favor?”

He arched his brow as he said, “Sure…”

She delicately clasped her hands together as she asked, “You see, I can’t leave this library, but I’m super thirsty. Would it be alright if I give you some money to grab me a drink? I’ll give you some extra so you can buy yourself something aswell.” She gazed at him with hopeful eyes.

He stood up and extended his hand. “Sure. I wouldn’t mind.”

“Great! Give me one moment.” She went to her desk and grabbed her wallet and walked back over and handed him some cash. “I really appreciate it. Oh, and you should grab your belongings, I can’t watch them when I’m running around the library.”

He nodded and grabbed his stuff. “Want anything specific?”

She shook her head, “Nope. Anything is fine.”

“Ight, be back in a few.” He moved to the exit and left.

She walked over to the doors and locked them. She mumbled, “I hate disturbances.”

Marie smiled, she had once again regained her silence.
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