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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · LGBTQ+ · #2296822
Timid Jack is tired of being alone and is afraid his time to be happy has past.
Jack is madly in love with Tom even though they have never had a conversation, in fact for all intense purposes Tom doesn't even know Jack has any interest in him. Its getting to the point where Jack feels like he is stalking Tom and that is not his intention. Jack really wants to have a honest to goodness relationship with Tom. Jack believes by his close observation of Tom that he is gay and not with anyone, although he can't be a hundred percent sure. So many times he has opened his mouth to start a conversation and then just as quickly closed it because he wasn't sure what to say and he didn't want to sound like an idiot, but admiring Tom from afar was getting old. He spoke the words over and over in his mind, "Hi, I'm Jack". Soon he will say them out loud or maybe he will chicken out like every other time.

Then one day on the 259 bus it happened. It was Jack's worst nightmare a handsome man sat down next to Tom and smiled and made a joke. Jack's heart sank because Tom laughed and the two of them talked and laughed until it was time for Tom to get off the bus. As Tom got up to leave, the man slipped a piece of paper to Tom. Jack was sure it was his phone number. After that day the handsome man sat with Tom and it seemed they talked nonstop. A week later they started getting on the bus at the same time. After a month it was clear that they were together and then Jack saw them have there first kiss on the bus, whispering in each others ear. It was clear they were in love.

Jack began to dread getting on the bus, he was so angry with himself that he never had acted on his feelings. Maybe it was time to catch a different bus so he wouldn't have to be in agony everyday.

As he was riding the bus one day and looking at a bus schedule a vey rugged masculine man asked if he could sit in the empty seat by Jack. Without even thinking Jack said sure, but after the man sat down it occurred to Jack as he looked around that there were plenty of empty seats that the man could have sat in. Without hesitation Jack stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Jack." The man shook Jack's hand and said I'm Max. Jack asked him if he was new to the area? He said yes, and after talking to Max for awhile he found out they both liked to hike and made plans to meet on Saturday. Max gave Jack his phone number before exiting the bus. As the days and weeks passed their love grew and they moved in together in October and what happened to Tom? Jack noticed he no longer took the bus and the handsome man that sat with him now sits alone. That is when Jack turned to Max and they had their first kiss on the bus.

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