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A young scientist in the lab
Young Sam is a clever inventor -
A wizard who makes this and that;
He can build anything made to order
He can build it right off of the bat
His sketches fill folders and files full
His hands are always busy;
He always finds things o'er which to mull -
His brain would make you dizzy!
Now Sam found a wonderful secret
The secret of how to make gold;
Many men tried to find out this secret
In the far off days of old
He knew that he had a dilemma -
Should he tell this to everyone near?
He knew that to solve his dilemma
He would certain things have to hear
So Sam went directly off to his mother
Whom he knew would have good advice
And asked if her it would bother
To sit down and talk to him nice
He told her all that he'd done
And she looked right at him and said
"'Tis better to inform everyone
Because gold to one person is dead."
So Sam went directly off to his lair
In order to tell everyone
But discovered when he got there
That his recipe list was gone
Years later when Sam was too rich for words
By the usual simple means
He made sure he remembered his good mother's words
And shared all his money like beans.
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