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Midnights become my afternoons...
Darkness lurks inside my head
I struggle every day
I know that hope is out there
But it feels so far away

I try my best to be a friend
A decent human being
But temper tantrums interfere
I can be so awfully mean!

I break the hearts of those I love
And shatter expectations
I never feel it coming on
It has no indications
Leaving messes in my wake
Like hurricane formations
I lie awake in tears at night
Obsessing sans cessation.

My demons tell me I'm no good
I'll never be enough
It hurts to know I've let me down
It's hard to give me love.

I'm not as bad as all of that
I know this much is true
What's in my head is an illusion
Only love will do.

When pain is in the uppermost
And grief is on the rise
I cling to faith and tell myself
I won't give in to lies.

If I can only give my best
Think kindly every day
The good I try so hard to do
Will circle back my way.

No matter what I end up doing
Or how badly I will fall
I must always love myself
Because God loves us all.

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