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Little Sally was walking through the woods one day. She had to bring a basket of homemade carrot spice cake to her grandma, who was sick.

Sally skipped and sang happily as she went along. It was a beautiful spring day, and the dappled sunlight flickered through the leaves of the trees and danced in patterns on the ground. Birds sang from the branches, and deer looked up from their grazing as she went past.

Suddenly a large white rabbit came walking down the path towards Sally. She stopped in amazement. He was wearing a dark blue velvet weskit and standing on his hind legs.

"Hello, little girl," he greeted her, twitching his nose. "Is that carrot spice cake I smell in your basket?"

"Why yes, it is, Mr Rabbit," she answered. "I'm bringing it to my granny."

"Well, how about I save you such a long walk and bring it the rest of the way?"

"Oh no, sir. That would never do. I think you just want to eat it all up yourself."

"And what if I did? Perhaps I'm very hungry."

"That's not nice, to lie and take someone else's food away." Sally frowned at the rabbit. "Maybe if you had asked nicely, I could have shared a slice of it with you."

"I'm sorry," Mr Rabbit said, his long pink ears drooping. "But I am so terribly hungry, and that cake is the most wonderful thing I've ever smelled… is there any way you could share some of it with me?"

"Why don't you come with me to Granny's house, and we'll see if she wants to give you some of it."

They walked along, and soon they met a Wolf. He licked his sharp teeth and eyed them both with a delighted grin.

"Aha! Lunch. Not only a fat White Rabbit, but a tender little girl and a carrot spice cake for dessert!"

"Nonsense!" Mr Rabbit said. "You behave yourself, Mr Wolf. This isn't just any little girl. She's a fairy child who can put a spell on you and turn you into a big ugly toad."

Sally blinked in confusion at the Rabbit's tall tale, but she was so afraid of the Wolf that she said nothing.

"Oh, goodness, is that so?" Mr Wolf bowed low. "I beg your pardon, dear little girl."

He ran quickly away into the shrubbery.

"You sure are a liar, Mr Rabbit," Sally said as they continued down the path. "I'm warning you not to lie to my Granny. She doesn't like being lied to. If you tell her the truth about how you met me, we'll see if there's enough cake to share with you. Otherwise we'll chase you out with a broomstick."

"That would be ungrateful," Mr Rabbit replied. "I saved your life with that lie. I think I deserve some cake."

"We'll let her decide."

At Granny's house, Sally introduced the White Rabbit to her. He told her the truth.

"I'm so hungry," he said mournfully. "Can you please share some of that wonderful smelling carrot spice cake with me?"

"As a token of gratitude for saving Sally's life, I'd be glad to," Granny said. "There's plenty to share. You don't have to try to trick us, we're good people."

They sat around the table and all ate as much carrot spice cake as they possibly could. It was a lovely afternoon. Mr Rabbit was smiling contentedly, with a napkin tucked under his chin.

Word count: 577.
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