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hooves lives on - secondary account consolidated

First and foremost, I am a writing bull that used to have my own secondary account. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spread my hooves and write my stories and poems for more than seven years thanks to Storymaster and Storymistress giving me the permission way back when, specifically in December of 2001.

Most of my hooves' surviving items are scattered throughout my human's port.

My Very Much Missed and Beloved friends, (who do not want to be named here but they know who they are) *Heart**Heart* gave me the nickname of Hooves of Fire! when I typed an entry in their contest Acronym Challenge, within five minutes of the start of the contest. That was my favorite contest and it helped me a lot with my writing. It also taught me to use a Thesaurus more when I am searching for a word.

These same friends exclaimed I must have Hooves of Fire because I typed so quickly, and of course they were right.


At Halloween 2002, they (same friends who know who they are) called me Cowser Soze(based on the fact that I like the movie, The Usual Suspects) and I got to model a trench coat like this:

The Usual Suspect is not always Kevin Spacey!

My most frequent writing partner, (sometimes WRITEING, sometimes Demon Squirrel or D.S., but always Richard) user name - ercole - was born as a squirrel in one of my favorite campfires.

From One of my Favorite Campfires!

Way back when, the #1 most viewed author,Yemassee, used to call me Fireball. I forget why. *Bigsmile* Yemassee also used to send me pictures of various cuts of meat and when he was happy with me he called me Hoovies. He was a good friend to me and I miss him a lot. I am so sorry to report that he passed away on November 30, 2012. He had the coolest forum called, "You Should Be Reading This." That was the best forum to find good reading and he was a most generous host.


My Name in Flames

My human has always loved animals, except for squirrels and bats that come in her house. Go figure.


I let the animal in me out now and then, here and there.

I am also quite a little singer when the mood hits me.

Let Those Pipes SIng!

Comedy, Romance, and Non Fiction are my favorite genres to read, but I'll try anything.

Speaking of trying anything,

Here I am being wacky -

Signature Made for Hooves by Tracylynn

This is a picture of me with my cow friends, taken by my human and therefore copyrighted to her.

I look annoyed and so do my friends, but you would too if someone stuck a camera in your face while you were chowing down.

Photo Of Me & My Buddies

Into each life, even a cow's life, a little rain must fall now and then. My human is at times the storm cloud over my sunny existence but I try my best to carry on because she calls the shots.

Halloween Signature Made For Hooves Many Years Ago

Thanks to all for meandering into my pasture and I hope you enjoy your visit!



p.s. My human deleted my secondary covertcow account July 1, 2009, more than ten years ago now.

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