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Hooves in one of the very early Celebrity Auctions on Stories.Com
This is a song parody to the tune of The Eagles classic, Take it Easy. No disrespect to The Eagles intended.

This was inspired by bidding in the Second Auction to raise gps for RAOK Upgrade Brigade. *Smile*

I got some really nice reviews for this recently, one from eyestar~ and one from amy-Has a great future ahead !

These were my first remoos for this in about six years. Thanks for the great remoos to everyone! I decided to update this item in my port and dust if off. *Heart*

Let Those Pipes SIng!

Graze it Easy

I was hoofin’ down the road
Tryin to loosen my load
Got a Stories Auction on my mind
Wantin’ Goldie’s prom dress
Strappy Sandals, Oh yes!
Fireant is a friend of mine!

Graze it easy, graze it easy
Don’t let the sight of Elad’s bids make you crazy
Up those bids while you still can,
Don’t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand,
Graze it easy.....

I was grazin' in the shadows of Pallas Athene’s forum,
Such a fine sight to see
All except that leather,
Jacket, I had better
Run if they come after me!

Come on Sophie, whisper to me
I gotta know if Deli Llama is gonna save me!

I may lose, Elad may win
But we will never be here again
So open up, I’m mooovin' in
So graze it easy!

I’m a chargin’ down the road
Tryin’ to loosen my load
Gotta world of trouble on my mind
Look it’s Phantom Rater,
Momma where’d he come from?
Was he right here all the time?

Graze it easy, graze it easy
Don’t let the sight of Elad’s bids drive you crazy
Come on Papillon, win his pants now
Gotta know he can’t make bids without that wallet

Oh, if we graze it easy
Ought to win it easy!

Hooves Grazes It Easy From Pallas Athene's Celebrity Auction
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