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For our servicemen and women - God bless them and their families

(For Our Servicemen and Women)

Heavenly Father, watch over them all
The men and women who have answered the call
To defend and protect the country we love;
Give them courage and strength from above.

Each of us holds a place in our heart
For a loved one who has had to depart.
They may be on distant soil, far from home;
Don't let them ever - feel all alone.

Out on a ship in the dark of the night,
Guarding our freedom with all of their might,
Or bunkered down in the sands far away;
God, grant them mercy while they have to stay.

They face a war like we've never seen,
The enemy hates us and they don't mean
To see any of our men or women come back;
They'll try every trick, that is a fact.

Somewhere out there, family and friend
Have left their homes just to defend;
There's Lauren, Bobby, and Johnny too -
Every day people - just like me and you.

They don't want to kill, but will if they must;
For our country and home they honor the trust
That we put in them and will fight to the end;
A flag-draped coffin, hearts cannot mend.

Normandy, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam,
So many lives lost, it cannot harm
Those of us who stay safe and warm in our bed
To say Christmas prayers for the living and dead.

So, Heavenly Father, I pray for the return
Of the servicemen and women, the right they earn
To hold high their heads, and wear with pride
The uniforms of patriots, and never abide

The desecration of flag, the wasting of life;
Let them know that we care, want no more strife.
For we are the veterans who went and came home
And these Christmas prayers are for our own.

To them we passed on the spirit and love
Of a need to protect when push comes to shove;
To them we offer much more than our thanks
We've been there - we know - we are of the ranks.

Thy will be done, Father, I trust in you -
That they will come home, brought safely through.
God bless and protect them, and their families
I'm asking you, Lord, to bless them - please.


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