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Written for knight errant's A Bit Of An Obit Contest!


Born way back in 1936, I grew up in the country.
Rural life has taught me that you have to make your own way and create your own happiness. It teaches courage and independence.

It's really been a good life,
One that I wouldn't trade;
I wouldn't really change too much
Except perhaps mistakes I made.

I went to work at sixteen years,
Because money was not abundant;
I'd say that we were mighty poor,
But that would be redundant.

At eighteen I joined the Army
Right after the Korean War;
I was feeling patriotic,
Knew what I was "fighting" for.

In the Army I was sent to school
To learn how to type and then
I met a Korean veteran
And my life changed again.

I married, had three children,
I loved each one the best;
I've always been there for them,
Sometimes that was a test!

Divorced and left to raise them
Alone for quite awhile -
Sometimes it was hard to find
A real reason to smile.

I filled my life with people
Who brought some joy and pain;
Who sprinkled my life with sunshine
And stayed with me through the rain.

I started writing memories
In case I should forget,
Just who I was and why I was;
And if I had any regret.

So please, upon my tombstone,
Just carve these words for me:
"She lived, she loved, she laughed!
Thanks for the memory!"

It doesn't matter what I did
It will be forgotten when I go;
I've made my contributions,
Some of you might know.

And for those who don't know me
They will not cry or care -
But If I made a difference
They'll know that I've been there.

Resting In Peace,

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