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Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #681059
A Poem about my Doll Room with my dolls and teddy bears.
Dedicated to my best friendAngel who teases me about my toys. I love her. If you collect Dolls, Teddy Bears and Barbies, you will enjoy this. This is what you will find in my Doll Room.

Welcome to my Doll Room.
It's like a store you say, so please feel
free to look around.
I have three beautiful Wedding Dolls
dressed in white lace and veils but no groom.
There stands Princess Diana wearing a
blue velvet dress and a pearl crown.

Check out the picture on the wall of
the big Victorian House, bridges and pond.
Dick and Jane curtains made my mother
cover the windows.
A Wedding Dress Shadow box hangs on the
other wall and everything in this room for
me forms a special bond.
Don't forget the homemade picture by the
closet made my mother of a girl with
a flowered dress in a white frame that
hangs on the wall by a bow.

See all the dolls and teddy bears on the
big brass bed.
My pet cat Tigger sleeps at the end of
the bed on a Dick and Jane blanket .
She's a plump, stripped cat because she's well fed.

In the curio cabinet are three Rose Dolls
of the"Titanic" movie.
Music boxes from the "Titanic".
Cinderella Doll, Snowbabies,
Dorothy and Toto and other trinkets.

Chatty Cathy sits next to Clifford,
the big red dog and Eeyore on the bed
along with Teddy Bears, Raggedy Ann,
a lavender unicorn and stuffed tiger.
Beautiful porcelain dolls stand around
the bed on the floor.
A porcelain Chatty Cathy in a pink
stripped dress, carousel horse plates
and a porcelain light up eagle and
American flag stand by the door.

Come into the closet and take a look.
Here you will see: all kind of Barbies:
Cher Doll, Cinderella, the first 1959 reproduced Barbie,
and yes, there are more Barbies, Skippers and Midge!
This is my Doll World even though it
sounds like a children's book.
This is the room where my dolls, toys and I rule!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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My Dear  [Link To User tigger]  You are a great friend like a Teddy Bear. Thanks for being there for me. I love your talented  writing, all you do and you. Love:  [Link To User sunnystarr]
A beautiful sig by best friend Angel of me, dolls and teddy bears.
A cute, adorable sig by my best friend Angel of my Doll Room.

I have added more bears since I wrote this.
I have a purple Teddy Bear named Prince, a misfit
bear that resembles a zebra I bought from the
Children's Hospital. Two brown fuzzy, furry bears.

A Teddy Bear named Angelique I got from my
husband after my hernia surgery. A black and tan
Teddy Bear from the Smoky Mountains. I named him
Smoky. I wonder why. I have A Nascar Beanie Bear.

I have a brown Kasey Kayne Bear. I have a brown bear
wearing a dark blue jacket. I named him Edward from
Twilight. I have a lavender bear wearing a red hat. A Nurse
wearing scrubs. As you can see, I do like my Teddy Bears.

I have The Royal Wedding Family. Princess Kate, Prince William,
Pippa and Harry. The new Duchess Princess Wedding Meghan Doll stands next to Harry. I do love dolls as well. I wrote
this poem a long time ago and I decided to update it. I am happy.

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