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Poem For Maryann's Star Trek Poem Contest
This poem is an entry by Hooves of Fire, which came in second in
Star Trek Poetry CONTEST   (13+)
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#710935 by Maryann

Hoovsie at the Helm

by Hooves of Fire

I dare to imagine, that's right I do
Not of a hay stack or trip to the zoo
A show from the sixties is stuck in my head
And each night I dream as I stand on my bed

That I will travel away to the farthest of stars
Bovine at the helm on to Jupiter, then Mars
With a squirrel at my side, I'll moo out the orders
As Scottie beams me to the universe borders

Will there be a mutiny, a loss of direction?
Without Captain Kirk and his sincere voice inflection?
Follow a bull to the heavens, I ask of my crew,
Without William Shatner, who knows what they'll do?

Perhaps I should enlist the original cast
Combined with the new one - that'd be such a blast
Animals and humans fly to the sun
But if I see one Cling-on, home to mama, I'll run!


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