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by wordsy
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Down in the cracks where the old crumbs go
Down in the cracks
where the old crumbs go
down in the shadows
where the lights don't show

In between the cushions
and under them too
you wouldn't believe
what's hidden from view

a strange little world
all to its own
unlike any other
that's ever been known

a world of wonder
where lintpickers play
and crumb-crunchers mumble
and grumble all day

a place with fuzzies
and frizzies about
where dust bunnies gather
to all hide out.

And way down under
far, far below
down where the fuzzies
and frizzies won't go

down in the bottom
of the old gray couch,
the crack monster lives
and boy what a grouch.

He growls and he grumbles.
He moans and he groans.
He munches and he crunches
and he gnaws at old combs.

He spits and he sputters
and rumbles all day
and frightens the fuzzies
and frizzies away.

So if you ever go digging
down deep in the couch,
you'd better watch out
for that crack monster grouch.

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