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Praying (Namaaz) is also a boon from Allah! It Changed my Life...

Dear dairy,
It is a common fact that most of the time we overlook the major and essential things in our lives. We are least bothered to pay due attention or to even think about the vital aspects of our day to day routine life. No matter how much lavish or how much dull life style one mayhave but religion is what which is included in the daily life of every locality and so following the same sentiment we being Muslims are bound to offer our prayers (Al-slaat). But again due to the carefree nature of human and busy life we just take this duty and obligation for granted and simply ignore it implying that ALLAH is forgiving and merciful; though no doubt about that. To tell you the truth I was also one of such people a year ago. I was not regular in offering my prayers and this was because its importance was beyond my comprehension. But now I thank ALLAH for that one moment which changed my life totally. It was the moment when I realized the real meaning of AL-slaat.
The situation was like this:
I was browsing over the Internet looking as idle as Aladdin. I was bored to death. There was no one online on my messenger and I really was getting upset from the light blue back ground of the messenger. So I decided to empty my fully loaded mailbox. By and by I read all the mails and deleted them. Then at last I came to the bottom of my mailbox and there was put the unread; I think nearly one and a half-month-old mail of my cousin. What was its topic I do not remember but I had ignored it considering it to be one of the forward religious mails, which usually in the end bear messages like:
'Forward it to this many people then this will happen then this and then that and the list goes on and on…'
But that night surprisingly I had an urge to open that mail and since I had nothing else to do I opened it and LO-BEHOLD! The magic in that mail started to take over me. Though still now to many of the people it will be the same 'do that do this religious mail', but for me it turned out to be the most beautiful the most important and the most scary and fascinating mail. I read the contents of that mail, the preaching of the Holy prophet (PBUH) and the teachings of the Al-Quran, some of which I would love to quote here:
' Those who do not offer their prayers of:
FAJAR, the glow of their face is taken away.
ZOHAR, the blessing of their income is taken away.
ASAR, the strength of their body is taken away.
MAGRAIB, they are not benefited by their children.
ISHA, the peace of their sleep is taken away.'
So you see these words were enough to wake my conscience up. After I finished reading the mail I changed its topic to a very interesting one and forwarded it to all my friends.
So from this mail, I realized that prayers are actually a way of contacting ALLAH it's the direct dialing 24434. And when one dials this number he can talk to ALLAH and discuss his problems, worries, his whims and wishes. Moreover prayers are also instrumental in keeping a person healthy, duteous and honest. The very next day I started offering my prayers. Remember it does not take much time, hardly fifteen to twenty minutes. If we sum up the time of all the five prayers it becomes seventy minutes. So can't we being Muslims spare seventy minutes in a day to thank ALLAH for the uncountable blessings and bounties, which he has bestowed upon us. Please my dear readers give it a thought and I am sure that you will say that the answer is yes! Believe me after being regular in your prayers your life will become a lot better and you will see it yourself.
As the Poet of the East Allama Iqbal says:
'Yeh eik sajda jisay tu giran samhajta hai
hazaar sajdoon say deta hai aadmi ko nijaat'

If we roughly translate, it means ' instead of asking your fellow men to help you, just ask God and he will definitely reply you a hundred times.'

May ALLAH remain kind on all of us (Inshallah).

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