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by Ajay
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just the start of a little something.
He kisses her differently now, what was timid and unsure is now powerful and knowing. With full force he pushes hard onto her mouth, taking her by surprise at the intensity of how much he wants her. Their tongues are twisted together making their bodies react in the same way, both getting wetter as they go. She sucks on him and she knows this is wasted on his mouth, but he can feel it all over his body. Getting as deep down as possible taking all of his tongue in to her mouth, she then teases him by slowly licking the tip. He does it back to her but won't let go, sucking her tongue until the pain turns to pleasure. The fear of this is mind blowing and just fills her with more excitement. For that second she is trapped and can't get away and that dominance is what she wants. She repays this by running her wet tongue around his lips trying to nip them with her teeth, this just makes him kiss her even harder. He pulls at her hair throwing her head back, exposing her neck. This is her weak spot and she tries to pull against him, he is to strong and just holds her tighter. She can just make out the look on his face and she knows this is for him as well as for her, to force yourself on someone who you know wants just that. As he kisses her neck she breaks free from the grasp on her hair and she wants to feel his mouth once more. The waves of pleasure keep stopping her and as the blood rushes around her body and her concentration is fading. She gives in and lets him take back control, there is no energy left in her body or no will to fight him off.

He turns her over holding her head down so he can enter her from behind, both of them desperate for the fucking to carry on. As she feels him inside her she lays down so as he can get closer and deeper into her. She looks over her shoulder and he pulls at her mouth so as to kiss her, feeling their tongues meet again and again. She keeps pulling away from him, not because she wants to but because the force of him makes her back arch and her body tense with pleasure.
Every time he pulls her head back as if to show he is in control. He can hear she is ready to explode, he holds her down firmly and until he has achieved his goal. Both cumming at the same time, both so wet from each others juices. She feels his body lay heavily on hers as they lay motionlesss and fullfilled. She is left breathing deeply and her body glows with radiance, her face shows the satisfaction that he needs to see.

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