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by Rahl
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written for "your such a character", an event-based character study.
         "Focus! Look in upon yourself! Observe yourself from inside. See your soul. Study your heart. Carress your mind..." Commanded the soothing voice of Archmage Dior.

         I heard his voice, and I listened. I heard his voice, and I obeyed. So I stared, so I observed...

         I don't know where I came by my power, or how it was that I knew how to use it. All I knew, was that it was mine, and that no one could take it from me. I had touched the thing that was my power many times before, and this time was no different. I reached towards the intangible source of my power, inside myself, and bent it inwards once more. I was perusing my soul, and I didn't like what I found.

         The first thing that caught my abstract eye, was my greed. I don't know how I realized it was greed; I just remember seeing a black substance in my soul, and my mind said, "greed." And then, as I was groping toward another trait inside my soul, something went wrong. A memory exploded into my head, and I staggered backwards. My jaw dropped at the force of this memory, and I fell to the ground as it swept through my entire body. I knew this memory well, for I had tried to forget it ever since it happened..

         It's so dark. So black. What have I done? I looked down at my bloodsoaked hands. Oh my God! No! NO! My parents' lifeless bodies hung in midair, held by power; raw, potent power. My eyes widened, and I remembered what I did. I remembered the rage going through me, I remembered those horrible things I had said to my father. You are not my father! You cannot be my father, I have powers more than you could ever dream! How dare you mock them! Power surged through my every pore. It exploded in my veins, and my blood was filled with it. The energy tore through my eyes, and what was dark, was light. Oh the sweet power! I loved it. It consumed me, and I accepted it. Die you fools. Die, in your worthless ignorance, you worthless infentesimal mortals! I am a God to you! My power ripped through my mind, and it filled me with satisfaction. It was destructive. And then it was over. I've gone mad. This power is too much, but I can't stop it... There was so much pain. So much suffering...

         "Terry! Get up! Get up! I saw it all," Dior got me on my feet. I'd had enough, though. I wanted that power again, I wanted those feelings.
         "Terry? What are you doing? Don't do something you might regret!" Commanded Dior.
         I didn't listen. I needed the power. I reached for it. I let it consume me once more. But something stopped me. I looked up at Dior, and his eyes were glowing a deep blue, and he said, "Don't even think about it Terry, I've had more kids lost from that then you would ever dream. Don't join them in the graveyard."

Entry for "You're Such a Character."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have gotten requests to "finish" the story, and I'm saddened to say that this would force me to make it into a story instead of a character study, which is the basic topic of the contest. However, after the contest ends, I will expand on to this story, I promise *Wink* (besides, I gotta win! *Bigsmile*)
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