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by Sunny
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My little corner on writing helps, tips and advice
Update: I am putting Writing Tips and Corner Advice together yet it is still separated:

Here is the place where I will be placing all the writing help and tips *Smile*
Now if by chance there is something you would like for me to add, please let me know *Smile*

A gorgeous witch

Writing helps:

Writing.Com 101  (E)
Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
#101 by The StoryMistress
How-to articles on short story writing, screenplay writing, copyrights, and more.
#472158 by Ms Kimmie

 Tips for Writing and Reviewing  (13+)
A workbook in progress - Member to member tips and advice
#1833137 by Maryann
Newsletters / Writing Tips  (13+)
The newsletters I have written since being on the site.
#1182998 by Vivian

Newsfeed Highlights  (E)
Submit a current item or idea that you think would be great posted on Support's newsfeed.
#2005297 by Writing.Com Support
MechGrammical  (13+)
A forum for your questions (and answers) about writing mechanics and grammar.
#2160953 by Satuawany

Poetry Forms  (13+)
Poetry Forms Easily Explained - a work of Bianca with additions by kansaspoet
#945530 by Bianca
Expert Writing Tips  (E)
A list of tips to help improve writing skills.
#625917 by Vivian

How to use the signature block  (E)
I was asked what a sig was and what was a sig-block. *RE-EDITED*
#887598 by Vivian
Writing.Com(munity)  (E)
Items specifically for and/or about this community.
#1004865 by Eurokraken

Writing and Reviewing Advice  (ASR)
Need I say more?
#1831090 by Lightbringer
 Gaining Exposure Within Writing.Com  (ASR)
My column discussing six tips to gaining exposure within Writing.Com!
#298127 by The StoryMaster

 On Writing by Joyce Carol Oates  (E)
"Start Moving Literary Feet"
#2096672 by Lilli 🧿 ☕ 🎗️
 Writing Hints & Tips  (E)
Got a tip to share about writing? Share it here, and read hints from other authors!
#1008914 by Artic Star

Articles  (13+)
Articles and non-fiction items
#1862665 by A E Willcox

Grammarama  (13+)
A library featuring commonly committed errors of the English language.
#890221 by Eurokraken
Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy  (E)
A series of conversational articles on how to write winning Speculative Fiction
#812473 by Jaren is Avarielle

The illustrated guide to linking  (ASR)
Confused about how to link? Exactly what to type? Click here!
#560037 by Writing.Com Support
Weekly Grammar Lessons  (E)
Need help with grammar? Step right up!
#1021500 by The Lemon

(Fun)damentals of Technical Writing  (ASR)
My foray into Technical Writing. Important notes and pointers will be documented here.
#1182354 by iKïyå§ama
The Badd Spelors Handbooke  (13+)
Some where to rant about the rights and wrongs of writes and tomes
#1285422 by Acme

Writing.Com Things  (13+)
Things about or interaction within this site. The addiction continues. :)
#264839 by gailey
Effective Formatting  (E)
A comparison of good and poor WDC formatting.
#1666647 by Jeff

Writing Poetry Writing Tips  (ASR)
Seminar presentation material, lessons for writing poetry
#662060 by Vivian
Ten tips about what to do or not to do while writing poetry.
#1345990 by Dr M C Gupta

 Writing Articles  (ASR)
Articles dealing with writing, grammar, punctuation, etc.
#1014853 by Vivian
What's wrong with Average?  (ASR)
Average is great! Don't be discouraged.
#1820971 by Nixie

A Guide to Punctuation  (E)
A comparison between American and British punctuation usage.
#1259296 by iKïyå§ama
 Writing About Writing  (E)
Articles about the writing process: from concept, to composing, to editing and publication
#981468 by a Sunflower in Texas

 Excellent Writing Articles  (E)
Articles written by Writing.Com writers (and others) about...........writing!
#307039 by RedWritingHood♡WDC
 The Power Revision Checklist  (E)
An awesome fourteen point revision checklist to put power and punch into your prose.
#1086861 by David E. Navarro

Kiya's Big Book of Writing Guidelines  (E)
For all tips and guidelines to help improve your writing skills.
#1299892 by iKïyå§ama
 What Not to Write  (13+)
A discussion of some things that may turn readers away from your items.
#892715 by Verm

Items on the Craft of Writing   (E)
A folder for books and items about writing
#205010 by Joy
Book 5: Where the Oasis Blooms  (ASR)
Preview Chapters to Book 5 of The Hannaria Series (Sci-fi) Published December 2012
#1201262 by Patricia Gilliam

 On Writing: How TOs, and What NOTs (WIP)  (GC)
How to do... and What not to do.
#1472685 by Carol St.Ann

 Tips From The Pros  (E)
Advice from pro sci fi/fantasy authors
#879969 by Darshan1
Naming Fantasy People and Places  (E)
Do you have problems finding names for fantasy characters and/or places?
#1242209 by Ladyoz

 On Writing: How TOs, and What NOTs (WIP)  (GC)
How to do... and What not to do.
#1472685 by Carol St.Ann
Views on Reviewing  (E)
A folder to contain items that pertain to my views on reviewing.
#1759661 by Stephanie Grace

Enjoy {/b}

A gorgeous witch

This is where I will be putting all the wonderful advice:
If by chance there is something you would like for me to add, please just let me know *Smile*

Here is some wonderful Advice:

 Five Keys To A Successful Query Letter  (E)
A great query letter must do five things...
#699068 by Kristi Sayles

 Daily Review Rewards  (E)
Writing.Com's incentives for reviewing a number of items in a given day.
#862933 by The StoryMaster
The Writing Assignment  (13+)
Come join us for fun games and creative writing assignments to expand your imagination!
#174365 by The Writing Assignment!

 Guidelines To Great Reviewing  (E)
Writing a detailed review takes time. Follow these guidelines for best results!
#818872 by The StoryMaster
How to Write a Query Letter  (E)
A list of do's and don'ts of query letter writing along with examples.
#844651 by Writing.Com Support

 Creative Writing Course  (13+)
A folder for my work in Creative Writing course.
#952338 by Laart1-Season of the Heart
 All that Grammar Jazz  (E)
All about grammar. Designed as a writing.com reference.
#831570 by Maharani, period.

How to Write a Query Letter  (E)
A list of do's and don'ts of query letter writing along with examples.
#844651 by Writing.Com Support
 Writer's Fallout Shelter  (13+)
A sanctuary for weary writers, inky wretches, and aspiring professional novelists.
#980111 by Liam Jackson

 Content Rating System (CRS)  (13+)
Detailed information regarding our Content Rating System, its guidelines and rules.
#197141 by The StoryMistress
A Poet's Tool Box  (E)
Tools for the trade.
#554651 by RedWritingHood♡WDC

Promoting Your Portfolio URL  (E)
My column with tips on promoting your Public Portfolio URL!
#307037 by The StoryMaster

A gorgeous witch

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