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A different kind of Mother
To my Mother

Why do you think I am not good enough because I am not you?

I am fifty but still treated like a child.

Why do you critize me for carrying a book bag full of books that I hand write for friends and family?

My books they annoy you. Cleaning my house or taking another job would make you feel better but do you think of me?

When I was at the worst part of my life and I nearly lost my husband in an accident, my dog left the scene, and my son was on sucide watch in a jail did you feel my pain?

Did the depression era just make you stronger than me?

When you were in the hospital and a child was left that a Father didn't want, I often wonder why you didn't pick up that child and leave me.

I was too much like my Father. It isn't any thing I am proud of, I had to look him up at 16 and his step daughter didn't even know of me.

When people say I am beautiful, smart, and so good hearted you turn your head with nothing to say? I don't understand. I wish you would have had more than one child so maybe that one would be good enough for you but you had me instead.

God made me in His image. There is a purpose for my life. It's not your purpose or any others and it's mine for me to give back to God.
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