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This is the basis of my belief system.
What I Believe
About God, Humanity, and the Universe

Part One

I believe there is only one God, an unknowable essence, the creator of the universe. That this essence is neither male nor female, but an all knowing spirit who has no physical attributes and is not incarnated into human form. God exist without ascent or descent eternally in the past and in the future. God, All-knowing and All-Wise, is the Revealer of religion and all the religions are generated by God through a specific Manifestation or Prophet or Messenger at a specific time in history.

I believe that each of these Prophets, Messengers or Manifestation of God (which ever way the originators of the religions are referred to) reflected to humanity the attributes of God. They did this because God created humanity out of love and in order to reflect that love back to God, we must have a way to see, hear and touch that love spiritually. Since we cannot know God, directly we must know Him (God is referred in the male because each of the known and remembered Manifestations are male) through His Manifestation or Messengers. Each came at a specific time and place in history, with a specific message to humanity. Each reflects the attributes of God to humanity.

I believe that the individual human is a duel natured creature with both a physical body and a soul. The soul or spirit is the part of the individual that has the capability of reflecting the attributes of God. The reason for the creation of the individual human is to know and love God. The reason for the creation of the human race is to carry forward an ever advancing civilization. Humanity is a single species, a single race, of many different colors.

Part Two

I believe life exists in the universe because the universe itself exists. Life is a natural expression of the universe, which is a Divine creation. Any plant that has the prerequisites for life and time enough for its development will be found to have some form of life on it. Whether or not that life is sentient or self aware probably depends on a number of different things.

As I implied in the previous paragraph, the universe and life are Divine creations. Humanity, the sentient life form on Earth, was created to carry forward an ever advancing civilization. We are guided through this process by an All-Knowing, All-Loving Creator. The purpose of individual human beings is to know and love God, by whatever name we addressed the Unknowable Essence that created the universe.

The Creator has guided and continues to guide humanity Divine Prophets, Messengers, or Manifestations. Each of this individual were sent by the Creator to assist humanity both spiritually and materially. Each of these Divine Messengers, were conduits for the Holy Spirit, and each revealed a religion, which is part of God's religion. Each came to assist humanity through the process of spiritual and material growth and maturity. I believe that the Divine Messenger for today is Baha'u'llah, the Glory of God.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/974963