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This one's about what we should've had years ago.
THE PROMPT: "We have seen significant technological advancements in our time. Sites like TED and Big Think offer amazing ideas. What do you think will be the next big thing?"

Good evening friends! I'm looking at that prompt and probably thinking the same thing as 90-95% of you. Now, by "Next Big Thing" (or NBT, as I'm gonna call it), I mean something that's gonna revolutionize our lives. Like the inventions of televisions, microwaves and cell phones did. Things that slowly catch popularity until the prices come down and the "need-to-luxury" ratio swings closer to "need" than "luxury".

What I'm thinking about as the NBT possibly already exists and might not even take much to make these days if the right people are involved. The biggest hurdles? Logistics, by far. And economy.

How many people are currently in this round of the "30-Day Blogging Challenge? 17. Let's say 15 are still active at this point. I'm gonna estimate that (myself included) a total of ten of us will have said the same thing. It's 2012 already; WHERE THE HELL ARE OUR FLYING CARS??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qcMjG1KL2Q

We're adults now! We are living, now, in what we once dreamed to be the future when we were kids. And what was the coolest part of the future? Not the robot maid. Not the sprocket. Not pressing a button and having your meal dispensed in pillform. It was the damn flying cars!!

Tell me tv didn't set us up for the big fail there. What kid wasn't thinking, "Man, when I grow up, I'm gonna fly to work in my car and fold it up into a suitcase!" George Jetson wasn't a CEO or a baller or some head honcho. He was everyman; a regular old factory worker. He probably made around the same amount of money as we all make, give or take. AND he was the home's sole source of income...he provided for his wife, two kids and a dog, as well as the robot maid. And that show ran on tv, what, in the sixties or seventies, when it was only them and the Flintstones waging animated tv war? How did George Jetson even afford all of his swag?? Don't tell me Rosie was some robot-related welfare thing that the government funded. I don't get it.

Many of you purists aren't gonna like this theory, but I'm gonna promote it with the ol' "throw it at the wall and see what sticks" routine. I say George Jetson was a pimp on the side. He had some underground operation (how does that even work if everything's well above sea level?) where he was selling sex for robots, and Rosie was his bitch. She got paid, and got room and board for keeping the house clean. Jane, his wife, never said a word about it as long as their were dead presidents in that wallet that she could have her own way with at the shopping center. Admit it; it's a solid idea...and you're also singing "Jane, his wife" from the theme song when you read that last sentence.

But you know what would probably be even bigger than the flying car business (and could definitely happen sooner)? Even though I don't watch the tv show Breaking Bad, I'm familiar with the storyline, and I think remaking the Jetsons (substituting in the robot sex underworld for the drug underworld) into a Breaking Bad type of show is a win-win for absolutely everyone. And that's something I'll be willing to bet the space farm on that none of the other challengers has mentioned.


I can remember the time when this album was the NBT. Amazing lyrics...once in awhile, under extreme emotional duress, certain live versions of this song can make me cry when hearing the emotion in his voice. "He used to surgery, for girls in the eighties...but gravity always wins." Excellent line, even without the fact that breast implants were a "pretty big thing" in the eighties (pun, sadly, intended). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKd06s1LNik&ob=av2e And why don't grocery stores look that cool nowadays?


*Cart* A relatively lame Thursday Jerkday at work today. Thursday Jerkday is a joke between me and a coworker. We're both of the same opinion that people tend to be bigger jerks on Thursdays for some reason. Today wasn't so bad...I mean, there's always gonna be idiots as long as there's oxygen and Walgreens has stuff on sale, but today was slightly more tolerable.

*Bigsmile* Pizza for lunch and dinner? Please and thank you!

{hockey emoticon war} Jason Pominville of the Sabres makes the NHL all-star game, while Thomas Vanek doesn't? Screw the emoticon for a minute...what the hell is wrong with the NHL?? Four crappy Ottawa Senators are voted in by fans to start the game, and Vanek doesn't go? Good citizens of Ottawa, thank you for being enthusiastic participants in the fan balloting, but you're all a stinkin' bunch of homers. Just because the damn game is in your city this year doesn't mean your team is deserving of more than one person to play in it. If my hockey emoticon right now were a red maple leaf with the Senators' logo on it, on fire with a skate blade through it, I would promise you I'd turn it into some kind of letterhead and fire off a nasty letter to the NHL and whatever newspaper services Ottawa. Ottawa Sun? Ottawa Sentinel? Google says....Both are right! Only, the Ottawa Sun services the Ottawa in Canada. The Ottawa Sentinel services the citizens in Ottawa, Ohio. Betchya didn't know that one! What I'd really like to know is how "Ottawa" sounds when it comes out of the mouth of a Canadian, versus how it sounds coming from an Ohian Ohioian Ohiese Ohioist Ohioistian, uhhh, a person from Ohio.

Alright, well, while you guys dream up your big technological advances and whatnot, I'm gonna waste the rest of the evening thinking of other cartoons from the past that should be remade with themes from today's tv dramas in mind. Everybody stay safe and (try to) behave, and we'll do this again tomorrow. Peace, and GOODNIGHT NOW!!


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