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by Lani
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Secret Admirer
Prompt: Valentine's Day: What kind of gift would you like a secret admirer to give you on Valentine's Day? Would you like to know who your secret admire was? Have you ever had a secret admirer?

Prompt: Valentine's Day: What kind of gift would you like a secret admirer to give you on Valentine's Day?

Roses are nice but is this a Valentine gift or a birthday gift? As my birthday is 2-14, one would hope that the secret admirer would know this. Personally, I’m going to ask hubby for something that won’t die or need to be dusted or put weight on my hips. A kiss or two would be great and I’ll buy my own flowers. I actually like tulips better. My birthday seems like some kind of half way point between Christmas and broken New Year’s resolutions so some cheery colors are always welcome.

Prompt: Would you like to know who your secret admire was? Have you ever had a secret admirer?

Not unless you count a Secret Santa in school. I don’t think that qualifies as an admirer as he never revealed himself. I suspect it was a “he” as he was probably embarrassed and this was grade school.

As for the whole secret admirer scenario, it seems stalkerish unless it in a Romance Novel. Fairy tales are rarely real life and yet as I write I am remembering a strange situation from my single days.

I had just come out the Safeway grocery store when a tall good, looking man approached me. I stepped back.

“Hello, “he said. “Don’t be afraid. I’ve seen you around town and you’re so pretty and always have a smile on your face. I just wanted to meet you and see if we could get together.”

I was flattered and creeped out.

“Look I don’t know you. I’ve never seen you before. Why me?” I asked.

“Like I said I’ve seen you around and you look like someone I want to know. Here’s my card with my phone number. Give me a call if you want to get together.” And then he left. I stood by my car holding groceries for a very long time after he left.

When I got home and told my roommate why I was late with dinner, they were equally appalled and amused.

“Well Lani, he could be an axe murder or a nice guy. Axe murderers are not usually charming.” Said one of my roommates unhelpfully. This was before I found out about Ted Bundy.

“You could always invite him to church to see how he responds. If he comes, we can pray for him. And you for protection.” Said my other roommate. This was not a bad suggestion. As a church we had a week of services coming for Easter and I was very involved. If a Bible believing Charismatic church didn’t scare him, he might be a keeper.

And I prayed about the situation. It seemed more of an opportunity. Whether this was good or bad remained to be seen. So, I call him and invited him to church. And to my everlasting surprise he came. We had a good time meeting my friends and roommates and discussing (wait for it) religion. He was charming and wonderful and nice. If he was an axe murderer, he hid it well.

Anyway, we went on a couple of dates and I had fun. I felt safe as my friends and roommates met him and liked him. And I made sure my roommates knew where I was when I was with him.

In a fairy tale, this would be the part where I would write and “they lived happily ever after.” In a romance, I would have married him. Since this is neither, we parted because there was no spark or chemistry between us.  I know chemistry is not everything but he was a sweet charming man who deserved someone who loved him completely. That wasn’t me.

So yes, I have had a secret admirer and I met him.

p.s. I've reread this entry a couple of times and I still marvel at the hand of God on me at this time. This situation could've gone wrong so many different ways and it didn't. Today, I can't imagine being this brave or foolish.

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