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Theses are my thoughts and ramblings as I forge my way through this thing they call life.
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10 Ways to Cope With Stress
Blogging Circle of Friends: Day 3417??: June 27, 2022

Monday: Health: 10 Simple Ways to Cope with Stress by Malaika Stoll, M.D. Do you use one or more of these ten ways to cope with stress? Do you have a way to cope with stress that is not mentioned in this article?

These are the 10 things:
1. Re-balance Work and Home
I try to make a point of separating work time from home time. It helps that during Covid I taught in a special education class where we were required to go in and work in the schools even when the regular classes were not there. I found the commute time was helpful transitioning from work to home. I really felt for those working at home who had to find other ways to break work and home time in a more creative way. My friends husband works for a world wide company that has him working odd hours - meetings with the California office at 9 pm or meetings with the Berlin office at some ungodly early hour... in the same day. That did not seem fair to me.
When I did work at home, for a short time, I made sure to take a walk before and after school hours to give my mind the break.

2. Build in Regular Exercise
An active day is a better day. I feel more accomplished and settled. Just a 20 minute walk helps to re-center me and help me shift gears. I try to move as much as I can over the day. Wearing a Fitbit helps remind me to move.

3. Eat Well and Limit Alcohol and Stimulants
I am not the biggest fan of alcohol. It makes me sleepy. Then I am lethargic for days afterward. When I already have low energy levels that drives me nutty.

Caffeine is my weakness. I try to limit it, as it also makes my bladder weak and that is an issue, in and of itself.

I try to eat well. Key word is TRY. I am not always successful, but I know that fixing my own meals at home gives me more control of my sodium levels. If I make it myself, I know what's in it. I try to eat more veggies and protein. I also try to drink more water. Being thirsty is often disguised as hunger... I am trying to tell the difference by drinking a wee bit more.

4. Connect with Supportive People
This is not always an easy one for me, but I see the merit in it. Recently, I found that talking to someone helped me put my current situation into perspective and that helped alleviate some of the 'blue' feelings I was experiencing after not getting called for any LTO interviews last week.

5. Carve out Hobby Time
Writing is my go to. If I feel stressed I write. Just getting it down on paper or onto a computer screen makes the monster seem less oppressive. What was causing me such anxiety was actually not really all that scary after all. I was making a 'mountain out of a mole hill' as they say.

I also find if I am stressing about a story, I shift gears. Write something else - from a writing prompt or write a poem. Switch perspectives in the story for a scene. Shift to paper and pencil instead of the computer. Get out of my head - take a walk and talk the story out.... nature trails, without anyone around, are a great place for this.

6. Practice Meditation, Stress Reduction or Yoga
I've been trying this over the past 3 years. Being mindful and staying present helps to center me. Focusing on the breath relaxes me. Even before I started meditating, I often found myself doing a kind of breathing exercise that slowed me down and centered me... I started doing that in university before I had to write an exam. It stuck with me.

7. Sleep Enough
I love sleep. And a good night's sleep can do wonders. Lack of sleep can propel me for a day, but then I crash.... hard. It is far better to maintain a healthy sleep routine than bounce around and be over tired. I already have ebbs and flows when it comes to my energy levels. I try to work within those boundaries and try to push myself to be more active during my lower moments (midafternoon). Pushing through helps. But if I can work in a nap.... I will do that too.

8. Bond with Your Pet
I love having cats. When I am stressed, I bury my face in my cat's fur and let their purr take me out of myself. I also find cats are comical creatures. They remind me to laugh at the funny in them... and myself.

9. Take a Vacation
Day tripping is a wonderful thing to do to get away when I can't afford a big vacation. I am lucky to live in an area surrounded by many small towns with huge character. Getting out and just being is a great way to reconnect and relax.

10. See a Counselor, Coach or Therapist
This is not one I have done as much. With no health coverage or benefits I find this pricey. I have, in the past, used a physiotherapist for a health issue which was largely a stress issue. It helped me regain control and find a way to manage my weak bladder and, in time, my Self.

So I guess you could say I use them all to manage my stress and anxiety. Find what works for you. Experiment and be open to just let go. It will do wonders for you.

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