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Saved By The Paper Doll Gang
I had been beaten down, worn out in the world that looked down on those creative types that tried to paint beauty into the cracks of life. I turned on my computer to find sanctuary and slipped in the back door of a place called Writing.com. It was enormous and overwhelming but something drew me in, like a moth to a flame I flitted and faltered. Exhausted I fell to the ground and watched as others passed over me. Stepping clear as they made their way unhindered by indecision.

Finally I called out into the darkness in the hopes of rescue. My voice was weak, but someone heard me. Someone came and took up my hand and I went with them even though my vision was blurry from dehydration. They lead me to a place that felt warm and comforting, they gave me water and fixed me a meal to give my strength back to be. When I was able to open my eyes after a restorative sleep, a woman was beside me smiling down with kindness.

"Where am I?" I asked still feeling the wavering trepidation.

She reached out and soothed my brow. "You are here with us... We are the Paper Doll Gang and I am Hannah."

I looked at her and felt the last of my fears evaporate. I sat up with her help. As I learned back against the headboard I saw a group emerge. There faces shone with delight and I felt their welcome radiating from each of them.

"Who are they?" I whispered.

"We are the Paper Doll Gang, joined by mighty Dragons and feisty Dawgs. We want to welcome you to our home. Will you stay?" Hannah peered into my eyes.

A smile graced my lips and I nodded. A sense of belonging swept over me and I rested in the knowledge that I had finally found my place. Now I could go out into the world and out beyond the limits and find my way... I would always have a place to come back to and recharge. A place of fellowship and friends. A place so dear to my heart. I was part of the Paper Doll Gang.

Word Count = 366 words.
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