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Dreams In Nightmares
Dreams in Nightmares
Swirling and dismal
Dark and depressing
Unable to make sense of the inner reality
Which twists and turns
                   Like vapour.

Images arise,
Grow and come into view
With focus,
         They vanish and disperse.

I reach forth to grasp
Anything that may settle my soul;
But fear swamps me,
Seeps up through the webs around me,
Threatening to pull me under
To drown in the battle that impinges
                             My mind.

I am bound to my bed;
Restrained without consent.
Held down by forces I do not understand,
I struggle to find a hold,
To drag myself up and out
                   Of this hellish dream.

I must save myself or be lost forever
Only I can make it
Only I can break the spell.
Only I can

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