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Day 1 Of the Thirteen Days of Halloween
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Lights a flicker, spirits rumble
Hold your breath and say a quick prayer
Tonight is the night; listen, don't crumble
Soon the midnight hour will ensnare

Spirits wail, slip through the thinning veil
Tremors ripple along our spine
Our skin grows cold and seems to pale
As ghostly faces rise and align

Into this night we wait, knowing the spirits will rise and slip through the weakened veil that covers the earth at this time of year. All Hallow's Eve brings the ghosts and goblins to the edge and they push through into this life for one evening. The midnight hour is the time they come. We gather in the graveyard and bring our gifts. If satisfied, these gifts will entreat to send them back the way they came. If not, they will fill the air and settle a death - like chill that will last until the fairies of Spring come and break the curse. Life as we know it will end.

The gifts we bring are sacrificial. We build a fire in the center of the cemetery and draw in close. Our sacrifice is prepared in long white gown, virginal and willing. She is raised up so that the air can swirl around her and take its perusal. If she is accepted, her life source will slip away, but there is a way to save her. If the Great Spirit comes, only he can grant her renewed life. The ghosts and goblins will get her life source, but the Great Spirit will replenish and revive her and she will go on unharmed. Life will bring an easy winter. If the sacrifice is rejected, the Great Spirit can conjure a force that will secure the curses lessening. The curse will be livable and we will survive until Spring, but the cold will still come. Its chill will be only half so cold. Trees will lose their leaves and the crops will die out, but only go into hibernation. Snow and ice will cover the earth and hold it prisoner until the Fairies return and bring the warmth of Spring. Then life will return and bless us with even more bounty so that we may stock ourselves before the veil weakens again.

Word Count = 372; this includes the words in the 8 lines of poetry that begin the piece.

Today's prompt: If you've ever watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," you know that Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin in the same way most people believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny. Making up your own version of a candy or gift giving benefactor, write a short story or poem all about him/her. It cannot be anything like the Great Pumpkin, but it must be themed around Halloween!

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