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A collection of writings written for various contests in 2015.
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Get Out and Don't Come Back
He handed me the packet looking me dead in the eye. In a voice horse with disuse and caution he whispered, "get out and don't come back."
I took the packet and nodded.

"You must make it to the Embassy. Get out.... and don't come back." With a final look, he nodded, then turned and headed back the way he had come his body making his progress slow. It was almost painful to watch.

I fought the urge to call him back. To tell him to come with me, but I knew it would be pointless. I needed to move and swiftness was my friend, he would only slow me down and that would jeopardize the mission.

I slipped the packet into the inside of my jacket and headed into the shadows. Keeping to the edges of the darkness that kept me hidden from view.
Several times I stopped to let the sound of sirens build and my tensions with it, but as they passed and their screeching fell away, I resumed my pace and my heart settled back into its already heightened rhythm.

I had almost made it to the Embassy when I heard footsteps in a rapid staccato behind me. With a final jolt of adrenaline, I leaped into a run. Fearing that looking back would be my undoing. I screamed for the guards to let me through. I waved my passport.

Shots fired and I felt the searing heat of a bullet pierce my upper arm. I kept running. The guards took aim and fired back at my assailant.
Another bullet torn into my leg and I stumbled. The closest guard grabbed me and pulled me into the compound.

"I need to get out and never come back," I whispered as darkness began to close over me.

Words = 300.

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