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Freiderich Hayek
              Friedrick von Hayek had predicted the fall of socialism.
    A centralized government could not possibly manage the needs of
    a global community. It was the end of nationhood. The right of the
    individual to exploit and prosper was all that matter. The danger
    arose in weapons of mass destruction. Dictatorships fought for what
    they needed. Is this not natural selection? In a few decades great deserts
    spanned continents. Food and fuel became precious commodities.
    Friedrick von Hayek's deregulated capitalism had won out. Only the
    strongest tribes survived, fighting with sword and arrow and courage.

          "I really enjoyed our swim." Sylvia said. Her two other sisters agreed
    and commented on their figures. "I know it's silly, but I hate to think about
    a man drooling on me. It's so disgusting." Sylvia toweled off her breasts.
    Rebbecca agreed, "It just isn't fair. We don't have a say in who we want."
    Sadly, slavery was practiced amongst the bold free men. "Be quite! I think
    I hear someone." Sarah hushed. A man stumbled into their pond.
    Sylvia grabbed her spear and threw it into the waters. The sisters could
    not see the man or the spear. Rebbecca braced herself with her iron shield
    and sword. Sarah drew her bow. "I don't see anything." Sylvia whispered
    holding her knife.

          "It is impossible to know your enemy, without becoming them."
        Sylvia was caught by the neck with her own spear.
    The man held the rod with both hands under her jaw. "Drop your weapons."
    he commanded. Rebbecca and Sarah held possition. No warrior
    would ever surrender their weapons even if it meant the death of all their
    people. "Kill me! They will kill you!" she grunted, her knuckles white on her
    spear as she struggled to free herself. "Savages." the man sighed and
    kicked Sylvia to the grown. "Do you want to die?" he asked and spun
    the spear about.

        The three sisters began to advance to surround their enemy.
    "I can not die." he said and lighting came out of the spear and struck
    the three sisters down. Rebbecca rolled under her shield, "Are you a God?"
    "My spear is made of wood. I cut it myself from black wood." Sylvia said.
    "Here me O children of the black wood. I am the wood and the iron
    and the fire that burns thee." the man's eyes glowed like ingots. The sisters
    cast their weapons down. No tribe would challenge a God. They had
    had no time to put on their skins and lay naked and prostrate before the
    man God.

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