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Rated: 13+ · Book · Music · #1964095
The musical from 'Timmy'.


Orphan Girls

Annie: Anna

Chris (Annie's understudy)

Stephanie: Little Penny

Tarra: Peg

Rachel: Amanda

Karen: Jodi

Lauren: Staci

Sue: Sal

Jean Morgan: Miss Annabelle
*Note: This character will appear in the rewrite.

Orphan Boys

Alex: Allen

Paul: (Alex's understudy)

Scott: Little Pete

Tex: Chance

Race: Ace

Ken: Jacks

Leuey: Matt

Stan: Blues singing Sam

Jake Robberts: Mr. Scheme
(Note: This character will appear in the rewrite.)

Rags: The boys' pick pocket dog.


Act One: The orphans
Scene one: The boys’ dorm
(Lights low- left, center, right stage.)
(prop lamp posts, left, center, and right stage light the scene.) (Extras walk left to right stage.)

It is a very cold night on December the 20th, nineteen hundred and thirty three. Far too cold for anyone to take much notice of five scruffy boys running through New York’s dark and windy streets.

(boys run in front of audience under low light, left to right stage.)
(light on mobile catwalk-center stage.)
(stage clear of extras as boys reach right stage.)

The leader, a tall, all American looking boy, carrying a large, heavy, sack over one shoulder, cautiously looks about, then waves the others on. The youngest, a small but muscular child, with an empty sack, looks up to see a small girl (above center /mobile catwalk) watching him from a small window in the bleak building they were sneaking behind. She waves at him and he waves back before following the children, who are each carrying a load of their own, as they all quickly duck through a small door which leads into the boys dorm of the lower Manhattan community orphanage.

(boys leave scene- rear stage left through prop door.)
(vanish in darkness of rear left stage.)
(lights off to mobile catwalk- moved to back stage.)
(lights on center stage.)

Once inside their dorm, (center stage.) the orphan boys carefully empty their loads into a large bucket (on wheels) revealing a number of stolen items including wallets, watches and jewelry. Resting around the large bucket is a number of small empty buckets.

(Enter Ace, stage right, peering in through open window.)
(tossing his empty sack aside.)
Another raid, another ransom.

How much did Little Pete rack in, Allen?

Actually, Matt, he did fairly well. He managed to swipe the same I did, only we had to combine our loads in a hurry.

Why? Couldn’t he carry it?

(walking towards Jack.)
You take that back, Jack!

(holding Pete back.)
Easy slugger. Jack’s only tryin’ to yank your chain again.

Let him go, Chance. Everyone knows Pete won’t get into any fight, he’s too scared he’ll get roughed up.

Chance lets Pete go and he storms off, (stage left) ignoring Jack’s taunts. But Jack’s laughter stops, as another boy steps forward and looks him square in the eye.

(softly, angrily.)
If you had brain one in that brick of a head of yours, you’d realize that Pete is strong enough to kick the tar outta you.

You tell him, Sam. He’s just lucky Pete’s heart is too pure to hurt anyone, even a big jerk like Jack.

(throwing an empty sack over Jack’s head.)
But mine ain’t!

(from under the sack.)
Hey! Get off me!

(pushing Jack down.)
I wonder if we can sell this thing.

(holding Jack down.)
Are you kiddin’? Who would a want third class item like this?

Let me up!

The boys finally let Jack up and he rips the sack off of his head.

Okay, which one of you wise guys wants to get it first?

All of the boys, with the exception of Allen, Ace, and Sam, jump in and they begin to roll around on the floor, fighting. Ace merely smiles and shakes his head while Sam watches with passing interest. Allen, however, quickly moves in.

(breaking up the fight.)
That’s enough! Are you guys gonna let Scheme turn us against each other! We have to stick together if we are going to survive here!

They were only fooling around, boss.

They could have fooled me, Sam. (turns to the others.) You guys just remember who the real enemy is here, okay?

At that moment, Mr. Scheme, a muscular, elderly man walks into the room (stage left) and begins to gloat over the pile of stolen items.

Not a bad haul, boys.
(notices a big rip in Pete’s bag.)
What’s this?
(menacingly grabs Pete’s collar.)
You lost your share of the haul!?!

(swallows hard.)
No sir. I wouldn’t dare.

It seems as if you did. You, of course know what this means.

(pushing Scheme away from Pete.)
Back off, Scheme! Pete got the same as I did!

Then you explain the rip in his bag, Allen.

(holding his ground.)
Some nobody punk tried to do Pete in with a knife, only he missed and hit the sack. Our pal, Rags distracted him while Pete and I combined our loads and we all made off with the goods. If you have a problem with that, you can just step into the ring and discuss it with me and my gang.

The boys form a ring around Scheme, holding up their fists. Scheme, afraid of the boys as a group, quickly steps out of the ring but he is also quick to regain his composure.

(keeping a safe distance.)
I’ll buy your story this time, Allen. (turns to Pete.) I won’t punish you today, Pete. (turns back to group.) But, for threatening me, you will all pay. I am doubling tomorrow’s quota. (he snarls.) Your breakfast is ready but you will organize this haul, put it all where it belongs, and do your morning chores before you eat, understand?

(Scheme leaves the room- stage left)

(entering scene from window- stage right)
That man is still all talk and no action.

(turning to Ace.)
Hey! What brings you down from the Broadway palace.

I just thought I’d sneak over and see how you guys were doing.

Well, stick around and we’ll catch up when we’re done here.

While you’re here, why don’t you help us with this haul.

(shaking his head.)
You haven’t changed a bit, Jack. (he shrugs) Okay, I’ll help you organize your stolen loot.
The children nod and they all begin to sort through the pile of stolen items, organizing them by size and type. Sam reaches deep into the pile and pauses, holding down a sob, as he finds a cheap gold chain necklace.

I got this necklace for Christmas last year. And now it’s stolen again only to be sent back to the streets for Mr. Scheme’s greed.

Uh-oh. Old blues singin’ Sam is warming up again.

Hey, what do you say we cheer him up by singing along this time.

I’m game.

Why not?

Let’s do it.


(Acapella lines in parenthesizes are the back up singers)

My folks left me on the doorstep! (Na-na-na-na!)
He said welcome to the pack. (Na-na-na-na!)
I told him I didn’t want to steal! (Na-na-na-na!)
He said it was that or the rack. (Na-na-na-na!)
I stole a rich man’s wallet! (Na-na-na-na!)
He said it was an empty sack! (Na-na-na-na!)
I stole a cop’s silver badge! (No way!)
And he wanted me to give it back! (Uh-uh!)
I didn’t ask to be an orphan,
and I don’t want to spend my life in jail! (No thank you!)
No one will care if we die, it won’t never make the news!
We got the- (Bum! Bum!)
Orphaned into the petty crime blues! (Na-na-na-na-na na!)
You see, when have no folks to feed you, (Oooooo!)
Not a penny to your name, (What!)
It’s to the orphanage with you kid!
Got to play Mr. Scheme’s game!
No kid wats to a thief, (Ooooooo!)
They don’t ever want to steal from you! (Why?)
You’ll never understand unless you were an here orphan too!
For those who just got here, (Ooooooo!)
I’ve got bitter news for you! (What!?!)
You’ll soon be singin’ the- (Bum! Bum!)
Orphaned into the petty crime blues!
(Sing it, Sam!)
(I’ll tell ‘ya!)
I’ve been an orphan for so long, (Ooooooo!)
I’ve forgoten what’s like, (Huh!?!)
To have a mom and dad,
To be taught wrong from right!
If I sing these blues any longer, (Ooooooo!)
I just might give up this fight, (No!)
Vanish into the streets,
Out of mind and out of sight!
No one’s gonna miss me, (Oooooooo!)
I’m the only one who will lose!
There’s just no escaping the- (Bum! Bum!)
Orphaned into the petty crime blues! (Na-na-na-na!)
Just how blue; Tell me, just how blue can one boy get!?!
(What about those girls?)
Now those girls, they have it easy! (Na-na-na-na!)
Sitting around looking cute. (Na-na-na-na!)
I bet they have their own uniforms! (Na-na-na-na!)
Silk and lace suits! (Na-na-na-na!)
They got to keep their gifts at Christmas! (Na-na-na-na!)
Scheme added ours to his loot. (Na-na-na-na!)
They play games and tell stories, (Ooooooo!)
While we prey the cops don’t shoot!
I know I shouldn’t be bitter, (Oooooo!)
I know I shouldn’t complain, (Why!?!)
Those girls are all innocent!
They don’t deserve to feel this pain!
But until they live our lives, (Ooooo!)
until they walk within these shoes,
(You tell ‘em, Sam!)
They’ll never understand the- (Bum! Bum!)
Orphaned into the petty crime blues! (Yeah!)
Yes, one day we may escape, (Ooooo!)
We may all get adopted, it’s ture!
But until that time, kid,
Welcome to the- (to the..)
Orphaned into the petty crime blues! (Na-na-na-na-na-na!)
Petty crime blues! (Na-na-na-na-na-na!)
Oh yeah!
Allen: You sing it like it is, Sam.
Sam: You know it! (Bum!)
(lights off right center and left stage)
(short intermission)

Scene two: The girls’ dorm
(lights on center stage.)

The orphan girls, all tired and irritable from lack of sleep, work hard behind a number of sewing machines, (all on movable platform.) making clothes to sell to raise extra money for the orphanage, none of which they see. Penny, the youngest- who believes her parents had died in a car crash two years ago, hurts her hand on the needle of the sewing machine and begins to cry. The other girls, tired and irritable moan out their frustration.

Not again! (turns to another girl.) Penny stabbed her finger again.

How bad this time, Jodi?

(she checks Penny’s finger and sighs as she tends to Penny’s wound.) What are you trying to do, girl, sew yourself onto a sweater so you can be sold out of here?

That’s not a bad idea. At least that way we won’t have to hear that baby whining.

(in tears.)
I’m not a baby!

(hitting Peg with a pillow.)
You’re the one who’s gonna whine like a baby, Peg!

(chasing after Jodi.)
We’ll see who starts crying first, Jodi!

(joining the pillow fight.)
Let her have it, Amanda!

Hey!, not two against one!

What’s the matter, Peg? Can’t handle yourself?

I’ll handle you two all right!

You guys are going to get us in trouble!

Shut up Sal, Peg’s had it coming for a while!

(stepping in.)
That’s enough! I said that’s enough! If we don’t get these sweaters done, we’ll never get any sleep!

(rubbing her chin.)
Relax, Anna. We’ve reached our quota and then some.

And it’ll double if Miss Annebelle catches us fighting. So if you guys are through playing, why don’t you put the sweaters into the boxes for the market while I get Penny to calm down.

(challenging Anna.)
Sure, you tend to the baby. We women will do the work.

Anna walks over to Peg and looks her square in the eye.

(raising a fist.)
How would you like another nickel knuckle sandwich, free of charge?

No, thanks. I’m trying to cut down.

Then get to work!

Peg storms without another word and helps the girls box the sweaters while Anna walks over to Penny to calm her.

Don’t worry, Penny. You’ll get better, it just takes some practice.

(in tears.)
I just wish my parents hadn’t died.

I know, Penny. But you can’t lose hope. I never knew my parents but I have great hope that they will come. Someone will come and raise you as their own, someday, you’ll see.


They will come, our parents to be,
from across the world or across the street
We will have a home,
One we can call our own.

The world ain’t what it used to be,
no one can afford another mouth to feed.
No, they can’t afford it at all.

I always dream of adoption day,
when folks will come to take me away.
But for now, dreams are all I have.

Well, keep dreamin’ ‘cause....
The world ain’t what it used to be,
no one can afford another mouth to feed.
No, they can’t afford it at all.

ANNA: (sternly.)
They will come, our folks, you’ll see,
from down the road or across the sea.

PENNY: (interrupting.)
I don’t ask for fortune or fame,
I just want a last name.

ALL: (In unison.)
I just want a last name!

After the number, Anna smiles and turns to the girls.

I think that rehearsal went well, the best one yet.

I hate to admit it, but I think we are finally ready.

Just remember, we don’t want Miss Annabelle to find out, not yet.

I just wish my parents death was only an act.

Don’t worry, Penny. Once we get this show going, you will have a new mom and dad in no time.

But how can they come see our musical if they don’t know we’re here?

I have a plan that will fix that.

She pulls out a small poster from under her sewing table and shows it to Penny, unaware that Miss Annabelle has walked into the room (stage right.) The girls try to warn Anna but she does not see them.

Where are the Orphans?
A musical run by orphans looking for a home. Playing every Saturday. Come and see it, maybe adopt a child, we will be waiting.
(turns to Anna.)
It’s really neat, Anna. But what is it?

It’s a poster, silly. But not just any poster, it’s our ticket out of this place.

It would be nice to perform the musical we made up but how are you going to get people to come see it?

One of these nights, I’m going to sneak out of this place and post them on every poll I can find. People are bound to see them sooner or later and come flocking in here to see us perform.

Not a bad plan, Anna.

Anna gasps and quickly turns to find Annabelle standing behind her.

ANNABELLE: (cont.)
(taking the poster.)
The only problem is, I can’t let you do that.

Miss Annabelle! We’ve, uh, reached our quota. But Penny got her finger stuck in the machine again, I was just trying to calm her. That poster was just to cheer her up.

(crossing her arms.)
I’ll buy the first two parts of your story, kid, but the last part needs a little work.
(she turns to the other girls.)
You may go to bed now, I’ll wake you up when it’s time for breakfast.

The children scuffle out of the room. (stage left.) Anna and Penny rise to join them but Annabelle pulls them back.

Not you two, I’ve got a lot of work planned.

Penny didn’t do anything, Miss Annabelle. Let her go to bed.

She always has a hard time falling to sleep once she gets upset, a little work will tire her out. You however, have to learn to take the rules and your responsibilities more seriously. So, as a lesson, you and Penny will be working on everyone’s quota for tomorrow until you fall from exhaustion. You will get your sleep then.

That’s not fair!

The world ain’t fair and it won’t think twice to swallow a little kid like you whole. The sooner you get that through your head the safer you’ll be. Now get to work.

Annabelle exits the room. (stage right.)
(lights out, left, center, and right stage.)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Orphans on Broadway Part Two 17.71k
Chapter 2 Orphans on Broadway Part Three 20.63k
Chapter 3 Orphans on Broadway Part Four 21.91k
Chapter 4 Orphans on Broadway Part Five 12.71k
Chapter 5 Orphans on Broadway Part Six 23.56k

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