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Prose Synopsis

         Story begins by meeting Sarah. Sarah is an abused teenager who leaves a terrible home life to marry a preacher’s son. Sarah is a fourteen year old pale red-headed girl, and J.J is a tall black seventeen year old boy.

         After his father finds out that the two marry, his parents sends him back to Europe to school. Sarah is left with nowhere to go. Then while looking for help to take care for her unborn child, she takes a babysitting job from a wealthy couple with twin children. She works for them a weak, and Mark betrays her trust.

         She finds a coven. There she finds a family. She gives birth to her daughter Matilda. Matilda learns to cast spells at five years old. Matilda marries the only other person her age in the coven Damion.

         Matilda and Damion have a set of twins. Mary and Mercy were their names. They we born at the coven, but when the girls were three Matilda meets Rev. Dallas. The family leaves the coven and convert to Christianity.

         The twins learn they have powers as teenagers, and they decide to go to find their past. Mary remains true to Christianity, and she is shock to find out that she came from witches. She wants no part of the craft. Mercy loves the thought of the power that comes from magic. She decides to stay in the coven. After a few months, Mercy over throws Willow by using pretense of friendship to get close and killed Willow as she slept.

         Mercy reigns the coven with black magic, and Mary tries to pray her sister back. When Mary learns that Mercy plans to kill their mother, Mary burns down the coven with grand-mother, sister, and all witches inside.

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