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writing something which has twists and turns
I just listened to a cd about writing which inspired me to well, write. It is important for a writer to do many activities, yet most important is writing. When a writer is writing, he/she is doing what a writer does. How do I write? That's a very good question. There is a very simple answer to this and a very complicated answer. The simple answer is I write, like I'm doing right now. The words are flowing and I'm pressing as much as possible the appropriate keys so that the letters form words, the words sentences, and the sentences paragraphs. As I do this which is for the so called first draft, I don't edit. Editing will in my opinion kill the writing process. Another killer is worrying about how the ideas are represented. I deal with all of this later, or not depending on how my writing is doing or not owing. If I get stuck and don't have more to write for a short time, then I sometimes go back and edit. But, if the ideas are flowing and there is sense of what I'm sharing with the reader is understandable, then I continue. I try to not allow distractions such as the dogs barking deter me from writing while my mouse is full throttle. Sometimes this is harder than other time, yet I must focus and continue the writing vdprocess before it all disappears.

This is the beginning of my new book about,...you guessed it, my writing. For a while I didn't write because life had my plate so full of imperative taksk and activities to do, demanding my full and undivided attention, that I had no chaoce but to allow the writing to fall away of the face of my minds eye and down into the depths of the dark unknown reaches of nothingness. This is how it seemed as I write this because I am now looking back to those long arduous months when I I didn't write. The stressful and demanding months of doing the necessities for survival which are now in the past. I'm not finished with some of these takse, however I have accomplished enough work and effort in dealing with them for me to be able to devote time, and more time, and a bit more time to writing again. I do not know why, but, I have suddenly decided to write a book about my writing. This brings to my mind the memory of my blog which I dedicated to writing and related subjects.

My blog was totally forgotten, It went so far down that slippery slope that until I returned to writing thoughts and carving out time to write, deciding to start this book, that I had no thought about the writing blog, or whatever I titled it.

Speaking of title, this book had no title. Am I worried or concerned about no book title. Absolutely NO! It matters not to me if I take a minute, day, week, or few months thinking about a title. Right now I know I am going to write about my rititing and this is all that matters to me. I have made another decision. I don't plan editing this material as a rewrite because this is an example of how I write. When I edit, I will leave this and add the edited portion to the book. It should make for interesting reading and amusement for people who may wonder what kind of typist am I? I'm the hunt and peck kind because of disability. If I try to type the proper way, then I still would be typing the first sentence or at best maybe on the third or forth sentence. At that rate, my ideas wouldn't be on paper because they would have vanished. I am in need of trying as fast as possible so I don't lose a thought, then later need to organize and write better/properly what I'm trying to write now. The only other obstical I have when ideas and thoughts flow at breakneck speed is getting tired. When I get tired, then I'm in trouble because I must slow down or stop typing. Dictating my book is ok I guess, but I would prefer to not to have to speak the sentences. For some reason, I do best typing. It's like speaking is a distraction. So I'm grateful for the computer, writing, and the ability to get my thoughts onto the screen.

Being tired is slowing me down some and I've got to work harder to get this task accomplished. I even now have to pause for a second or two to collect my thoughts. Hopefully I will be able to keep track of my material and get the job done. phone, drat! oh, good it stopped. This is another situation which I will have to deal with as I restart my rioting especially because of this book idea.

Because I have no special features like call er id, answering service, or something to let me know who is calling, and because I have medical challenges requiring medical people and iAds to help me, doctors, and important people for things of life, I usually have to answer the phone. This will definitely interrupt my thoughts, typing, and circumstances for writing my book. I need to find a way to prevent interruptions especially the phone which is my main communications tool aside from the computer. Now I stopped for maybe 4 to 5 seconds because my mind went blank. See, the phone was enough to derail me and my work on writing. Any distraction will and often does cause the fow of writing to come to a screeching halt. If you allow this, me telling me, then you won't get the writing dome. This goes for any writer. Distractions are killers of the art. Writing is a skill and an art. To make successful writing a reality it is work, skill, and art. Now look where the phone got me and my train of thought.

No worries because I will follow this and then go back and fill in the rest as needed later. One thing I do is when I know I've hit the wrong key and can very quickly fix it while allowing thoughts to continue, sometimes I do this but only as ability and awareness allows. Lets, see, writing, phone, and correcting mistakes are not good companions.

I feel like I am running out of steam. My thoughts have slowed, the direction I was going has changed, and the distractions have caused a major problem for me that is killing this story about me and my writing. So what I do now is continue to write no matter how it makes sense or does not make sense.

Sometimes it may be a good idea to move to another idea. Best is having a good idea, and if not being able to write something which will fit into this book will keep me going for a while longer. Oh, yes, I even have no idea why I started to write this book except to explain that the idea of writing a book started this entire activity. Sometime I may think about why I'm rioting this book and tell you through my word art why I'm doing hat I'm doing. For certain this is not an ambles exercise for writing a string of characters hoping that eventually something of worth will come from my work in front of the computer. I feel like I'm getting sloppy and slowing down more. For me that's ok because my typing will be more accurate, and I'll have better thought processes or perhaps thoughts I can keep up with instead of trying to hit the keys at what in the beginning was for me breakneck speed.

The digs again may mean company. I'm out of energy, my thoughts are dwindling, and my typing is so slow a snail could keep up with me. Me thinks it is best that I stop writing for this writing time. Taking a break should be short duration and so I'm going to stop. I will return to this tomorrow which is my goal. Setting goals is good. having a plan is good. There is more to this which I will go into later. I've started having faster though and typing flow, yet there is enough distraction for me to have to quit for now. How long I've been writing I have no idea.
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